Hot! A night of theatrical decadence with the ever-immersive Sleep No More at The McKittrick Hotel

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CONTENT: Carrie Er

When you put together an immersive film noir experience unfolding before you and a legendary hotel, it can only be Sl​​eep No More.

Located at The McKittrick Hotel in New York, expect an out-of-this-world experience as you enter into this enchanting hotel with its very own history. You would need to lose your smartphone and belongings at the coat check, before putting on a mask and then dedicating your sole attention to this spellbinding theatrical show over a span of three hours.

A Reinterpretation of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth with a Twist

If you are familiar with the Shakespearean classic Macbeth, you are certainly in for a treat with Sleep No More. This award-winning and world-class production exceeded our expectations as we undoubtedly luxuriated ourselves in this multi-faceted yet intense performance delivered by the entire cast.

Sleep No More_Umi Akiyoshi_92

Photo Credit: Umi Akiyoshi for The McKittrick Hotel

Whether it was a budding romance or a ploy to attain dominion in a power struggle, we were enraptured through and through by the actors. Their passion was so palpable in every movement, so much so that we could feel it even at a distance from the actors. The twist in this retelling of Macbeth was such that you could follow the story development of the character that you are drawn to.

Be sure to witness a few gasp-inducing moments especially during the climatic build-up of a couple of emotionally charged scenes that further engulf you into this multi-sensory play.

Sleep No More_Yaniv Schulman

Photo Credit: Yaniv Shulman for The McKittrick Hotel

The Silence Says it All

While we were used to the auditory element in our theatrical shows, the silence in Sleep No More came across as a breath of fresh air. We were all the more captivated and engrossed in the narrative; as the absence of audible dialogue made us appreciate the beauty of body language while being up close and personal with the characters.

Sleep No More

Photo Credit: Umi Akiyoshi for The McKittrick Hotel

An Immersive Theatrical Experience Like No Other

Sleep No More is truly the definition of a multi-sensory and immersive film experience, in its own right. You can expect to move from room to room for the story to unravel in ways that are very personalised and unique to each of the film-goers. There are several vantage points at which the play manifests so you would not get bored easily.

Although there are three loops in each showtime, we encourage you to stay on till the end for the complete and ultimate enthralling experience. The next time you land in New York, Sleep No More has to top your list for a decadent night out at the theatre.

Sleep No More is brought to you by Emursive in association with rebecca gold productions. Emursive is the leading production company for immersive theatre in extraordinary places.

All guests attending Sleep No More will be required to show proof of vaccination upon arrival for the safety of both audience and members of the show.

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