Hot! We The Fest 2018 Breaks Attendance Record

We The Fest 2018

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie & Andrew Kho
IMAGES: Ismaya Live

Since its inception in 2014, We The Fest has planted it’s roots in Jakarta, Indonesia, gaining the support of no less than Indonesia’s president, Joko Widodo who was in attendance for the second year in a row.

Looking back from where it started five years back, the festival has caught the attention of the international attendees with this year’s three day festival drawing about 60,000 which is a 20% increase from the previous year and double that from 2016.


This is the first year we are attending the festival, so here’s our insight about We The Fest 2018 which is back for its 5th annual edition.

Upon entering the concert ground located at JIExpo, The first thing that we noticed were the amount of booths that were opened by the various brands or sponsors that collaborated with the festival. The booths had various activities that ranged from a free haircut, to games that ended with the partygoers walking away with free merchandise that helped them to kill time and keep them entertained while they waited for their favourite artists to appear on the stage.


A wide variety of food were available to choose from at the festival that range from traditional Indonesian cuisine to enormous pizzas that were more than filling for the average joe. While the quality of food was acceptable, we were slightly disappointed to receive lukewarm food- but this was understandable as they had to cater in bulk amounts for the huge amount of guests that were clamouring for food. We didn’t need to worry about drinks either, as there was a carts selling drinks wherever we went, ensuring that everyone would stay hydrated during the festival.


Being a music festival that appeals to everyone of all ages, the variety of music ranged from indie, to popular western pop music and even traditional Indonesian pop music to appease the locals at the festival. At the main stage (or aptly known as the WTF stage), popular artists such as Lorde and James Bay drew many concert goers to the stage and blew them away with their all time favourite songs such as “Royals” and “Let It Go” respectively. The other stages, The Stage Is Bananas and Another Stage featured a range of regional and international bands and artists such as the American DJ We The Child and the popular homegrown band The Sam Willows!

James Bay

Regardless if you are a die hard fan of pop music , a hardcore EDM dancer or a mellow indie swinger, there’s something for everyone at We The Fest!

Overall, We The Fest certainly has a different vibe and atmosphere as compared to the music festivals back at home such as Ultra or ZoukOut! Organiser, Ismaya Live can start preparing for another fun packed weekend with the biggest artist, exciting activities and showcases and we simply cannot wait to be back in Jakarta for the 2019 edition of the music festival!

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