Hot! 17LIVE, An Online Leading Live Streaming Platform Debuts in Singapore

CONTENT: Yeo Terence

Live streaming has become the trending platform for artistes, influencers and content creators to connect with their fans and audiences virtually in any part of the world. Well-known for its music streaming content in Taiwan, 17LIVE is now expanding to Singapore featuring its music content together with its social messaging function for chit-chatting and entertainment.

17LIVE is Asia’s online leading live-streaming platform with over 50 million registered users globally, is set on a mission to empower expressions and connections to build borderless human interactions and connections through live technology. As expressed in 17LIVE’s tagline, Life happens Live, anyone and everyone can come together to engage, entertain, educate and most importantly enjoy the experience of watching and the process of producing it.

17LIVE offers a diverse range of content such as interactive games, music, art sharing, etc. In addition, they produce unique and customized entertainment where celebrities can be invited as participants. Viewers who watch these live streaming contents will also have the opportunity to interact with the host and celebrities through messages, gifts and shout-outs via merchandise goods, virtual gifts, entry animation and personalized chat badges. It also has an exclusive viewer subscription plan for fans known as 17LIVE Army where viewers can enjoy special privileges such as the army exclusive badge, gifts and special notice when entering livestream.

17LIVE is unique and sets it apart from other streaming platforms with the variety of events made available on their platform, so that their live streamers that are also known as LIVERs can earn extras. As an official, contracted 17LIVER, hosts are able to get salaries compared to nonofficial LIVERs, and they have the opportunity to have additional in-app and off-app exposure.


One of 17LIVE’s LIVERs, Lizi whose content focuses on lyrical songs, broke the tradition of waiting for a record company to favour her by joining 17LIVE. Originally a 9-to-5 worker, Lizi was scouted by a 17LIVE agent and allowed her to channel her childhood passion, singing, into the centre of her life. She took the leap of faith and left her full-time job to jump into live broadcast. With her voice, Lizi captured a large number of fans and stabilized her own income through each live broadcast. Today, Lizi has been with 17LIVE for three years, noting that the platform has given her countless opportunities to showcase herself. “Working used to be mundane day after day without too many ripples. But joining 17LIVE and being able to do a live broadcast is like a small performance in a pub. In addition to singing, there needs to be a topic of conversation. Interacting with the audience is hard work but more meaningful.” – Lizi, 17LIVE LIVER.

17LIVE has also recently received the NEXT BIG Award presented by the president of Taiwan – Tsai Ing-Wen on 19th October 2021. The award symbolized bellwether spirits, encouraging the younger generation to make bold innovations. 17LIVE is pleased to be the representative of Taiwan’s innovation to the world, having the opportunity to play the role of bellwether, to show the potentials of Taiwan’s innovations, to share the experiences of the start-up group in Taiwan, and bringing in more energy to the start-up industry in Taiwan.

With the launch of 17LIVE in Singapore, they aim to make live streaming entertainment a new hit with real-time interactive content and provide endless possibilities to social sharing.

Visit 17LIVE website, facebook and instagram to find out more.

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