Hot! Albion Launches Newly Improved Infinesse White Range


The quest for clearer, brighter skin is on an all-time high as summer draws near, which is why Albion introduces the newly improved Infinesse White series to deliver better results for a fairer, brighter and firmer skin.

Studies have shown that activated muscles encourage the skin’s brightening potential. The newly formulated Infinesse White series focuses on the relationship between facial muscles and skin brightness.

Researchers at Albio discovered that working the muscles has many rejuvenating benefits on the skin. This is because as our facial muscles become firmer, it produces scores of different hormones, one of them which has been identified as being beneficial for skin brightening.

The newly reformulated series promises various benefits including: Super-activation of muscle cells which encourages the skin’s brightening potential and strengthens facial muscles which supports the brightness and firmness of growth hormones that inhibit melanin generation, and improve the thickness and flexibility of mimetic muscles. The Triple brightening addresses the ageing induced “Triple skin dullness and discoloration”

The product also powerfully boosts dermis tissue growth for faster firming benefits with the Dermis growth stimulation. Each product in the range has its own unique skincare feature inspired by aesthetic treatment. These features work synergistically with the three approaches to boost their benefits.

The newly formulated Infinesse White products also include new active ingredients such as Niacinamide which is known as Vitamin B3 with a a plethora of benefits as a skin care ingredient which helps soften fine lines and wrinkles, diminish dullness, and strengthen a weakened surface. Soybean seed extract which activates muscle cells, strengthens facial muscles by encouraging muscle cell proliferation. and Seagrass extract which encourages the secretion of growth hormones that controls melanin production and the skin’s brightening potential.

The New Albion Infinesse White range are now available at ALBION counters located at Takashimaya Department Store, Metro Paragon and Takashimaya Online and Metro Online.

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