Hot! B&O PLAY Unveils Newest Earset and Beoplay P6

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B&O PLAY introduces two new addition to their range of reliable audio technology, the Earset – the evolution of a Bang & Olufsen design icon which comes with state-of-the-art wireless audio technology, world-class Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound and a fresh look for the next generation, while preserving the flexible design aspects that led to the success of the original. A new member to its family of portable speakers is Beoplay P6. The new speaker is designed by award-winning Cecilie Manz to ensure 360-degree dispersion of the rich and powerful Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound in any room, while also boasting beautiful Scandinavian design that will add to any interior and can easily be moved around the home.

The Earset
In the spirit of the Bang & Olufsen legacy, Earset is crafted from premium materials made to last. The aluminium used for the telescopic piston has been precision-forged for fluid movement, ensuring a hydraulic-like feel. To deliver a comfortable and secure fit behind the ear, the iconic earhook has sections of soft rubber, and a hex screw attaches the piston to the hook, underlining the mechanical ideals that once inspired the original design.

The anodization process of aluminium allows colours to be deeply integrated into the core of the material, providing more depth and durability, while the aluminium on the housing has a diamond cut-edge and a radially polished surface to catch and reflect light.


Design that lets the world in
The construction of the new Earset earphones has a different starting point than most models on the market. Rather than a deeper in-ear fit, Earset allows the speaker house to fit comfortably just inside the inner ear without blocking it. Apart from a more comfortable feel, this style allows ambient sounds to be heard while still maintaining the audio performance that you would expect from a set of B&O PLAY earphones, says Bang & Olufsen Executive Sound Engineer Knud-Erik Lauridsen, who also tuned the original Earset.

“The challenges we faced with the acoustics back then are the same challenges we face today – ergonomics. We wanted to adapt the earphone closer to the shape of the ear, so the tip would sit in the concha of the ear with the housing supported by an earhook. As the earbud does not feel ‘enclosed’ in the ear, the sound is perceived as clearer, while allowing elements of the surrounding environment to intervene. One of the main reasons why it has been preferred by musicians and biking athletes,” says Knud-Erik Lauridsen, and mentions that the angle of the ear bud housing design has been adapted to determine the optimal angle for sound performance, with the speaker housing now tilted slightly towards the ear to ensure better sound delivery and reduce sound leakage.

The Earset

The acoustics of the new earphones is built around a 14.2mm speaker unit with a neodymium magnet. The cabinet behind the speaker unit has two acoustic vents and a bass port to optimize the sound performance. Digital equalizers inside the Bluetooth chipset are used to fine tune the final sound performance, and the grill on the earbuds is designed with inspiration from the hole pattern on the Beoplay A1, ensuring optimal sound dispersion.

With up to five hours of battery life, Earset is a great companion for your daily activities. The in-line anodized aluminium remote with three buttons and built-in microphone lets you control your music, take calls, and activate Siri or Google Assistant on your smartphone via Bluetooth.

“We are extremely proud of our design heritage, and the original Earset has been a long-lasting favourite due to their flexible, yet precise industrial design and acoustic brilliance. We are excited to bring forward the new Earset that has been updated with wireless technology and a classic updated hue and satin”, says B&O PLAY Concept and Design Manager Jakob Kristoffersen.

Earset is available in Graphite Brown and White and retails for SGD $429. When not being used, the earphones can be stored in the included pouch for optimal scratch-protection. Earset Graphite Brown is available at Bang & Olufsen Grand Hyatt, Bang & Olufsen Takashimaya, Analogue +, Apple Premium Resellers, Changi Airport Duty Free, Newstead, Robinsons, Tangs and other leading independent retailers from mid-May 2018 and White from June 1st.

Beoplay P6

The Beoplay P6
The attention to detail in the design of Beoplay P6 is prominent. The shape of the speaker allows for safe and stable standing, and with its smooth aluminium surface it can be easily gripped from any angle. The anodized and pearl blasted aluminium shell comes with the characteristic hole pattern that shapes elegantly around the corners to give the 360-degree sound dispersion, while the double layered premium leather strap adds a warm contrast and provides a touch of exclusivity and reliability. Moreover, the splash and dust resistant design makes it possible to use the speaker in any room around the home.

Designed with subtle heritage references
The simple and user-friendly interface is designed with references to the iconic Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 6000 sound system. Beoplay P6 comes with integrated flex buttons milled into the aluminium casing, underlining the overall pre-eminence of craftsmanship. The flexible characteristics of the material and the fine cuts between the buttons ensure a soft tactile feeling when a button is pressed down, and an effortless return to its original position.

As part of the interface is a OneTouch Button to enable the smart features. Access Siri or Google Assistant on your phone, accept calls, or switch through ToneTouch presets via Beoplay App for a personalised music experience.


A powerful and rich sound experience
Beoplay P6 is a great choice for people wanting to experience the renowned Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound anywhere in the home – or around it as Beoplay P6 has a play time of up to 16 hours. The speaker is finely tuned by the highly-acclaimed Bang & Olufsen sound engineers and delivers full bandwidth, high-quality sound at an impressive volume level relative to its size.

The heart of the speaker is three amplifier channels delivering as much as 1 x 36W Class D for woofer, 2 x 30W Class D for full tones for a total of 215W peak power ensuring that the system never comes to a situation lacking energy. The brain of the system is an advanced Digital Signal Processing setup that utilizes unique Bang & Olufsen designed algorithms adapted for efficient power management to offer as much playtime out of the battery as possible, while advanced protection systems make sure that no parts of the system can be damaged by overload no matter what the speaker is subjected to.

“With Beoplay P6, we redefined the archetype of working with aluminium by pushing the physical limits of the material, highlighting the three-dimensional shells and its hole pattern as much as possible. This detail gives a distinctive character, such that the sound is spread evenly and shared with people around you in all directions. The shape caters to the two main ways Beoplay P6 can be used – standing in that special spot in your home, and portability when bringing it with you,” says Cecilie Manz, who was recently named Designer of the Year for Maison&Objet’s 2018 edition.

Beoplay P6 will be launched in two colours, Black and Natural. It comes with a USB-C charging cable in the box and retails at a suggested price of SGD $629. Both colours will be available in Bang & Olufsen Grand Hyatt, Bang & Olufsen Takashimaya, Analogue +, Apple Premium Resellers, Changi Airport Duty Free, Newstead, Robinsons, Tangs and other leading independent retailers from May 2018.

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