Breast Cancer Survivors Take The Stage At The Breast Cancer Foundation’s Courage Catwalk For International Women’s Day

CONTENT: Michelle Ng


The Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) will be hosting its Courage Catwalk fashion event on 7 March 2024, where breast cancer survivors will embrace the spotlight for a catwalk during the event.

During the onset of breast cancer, cancer patients face a lot of physical and psychological challenges which can lead to low confidence and self-esteem. While BCF has a Positive Appearance Scheme that aims to support women with the provision of breast prostheses and complimentary wig loans, the Courage Catwalk aims to further empower survivors by giving them a chance to tell their story on the runway.

10 breast cancer survivors will be sharing their inspirational stories of their breast cancer journey and how their perspectives of life were changed by overcoming their adversities. Through fashion, BCF hopes that they will inspire not only breast cancer survivors, but also other women to take their health seriously by going for regular mammograms to spot any early signs. Early detection of breast cancer may lead to more cures or even longer survival, and can aid in managing the spread of the cancer before its too late.

“I faced the storm of breast cancer, but on that runway, I am not just showcasing garments but the resilient fabric of my own journey. Every step echoes a testament to courage, proving that even in the face of adversity, we can redefine ourselves and inspire others to embrace their own transformative power.” said Linda Tam, one of the 10 catwalkers.

The event will be open to the public, which includes a dinner at J65@JEN Singapore Tanglin following the catwalk show.

During the event, there will also a curated fashion showcase by local designed from the Singapore Fashion Council, and guests can also enjoy hair styling by Shunji Matsuo. Other partners include Solis Breast Care and Surgery Centre, to celebrate survivorship and advocacy, and $10 from every ticket will be donated to BCF.

Tickets to the BCF Courage Catwalk are priced at $100++ per person ($10 from every seat will be donated to BCF), and are available online or calling +65 6831 4374. The event will be held at J65@JEN Singapore Tanglin on 7 March 2024.