Build up your Immunity and Protect yourself with LAC MASQUELIER’s French Pine Bark Extract Supplements!

LAC Pine Bark

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

As new variants of COVID-19 continue to stifle our daily activities, it is essential for everyone to stick to a healthy diet and do our due diligence to exercise at least twice a week! But due to our hectic 9am-5pm work life, we tend to hustle a little too hard, miss out on our beauty sleep and indulge in the occasional fast food for convenience’s sake!

But for some fast-paced individuals with an active social life, slowing down simply may not be a realistic solution, thus we turn to supplements to try and compensate for the lack of energy and essential vitamins in our bodies or for an extra boost of it!

To address issues like this, LAC offers a wide range of products that offers consumers a convenient solution to meet their daily health and wellness needs regardless of age to bring them supplements developed with scientifically-based formulas to leave you looking, feeling, and functioning at your best. Combining the best of traditional oriental knowledge that has been passed down via generations and modern western medicine, LAC MASQUELIER’s French Pine Bark Extract is the perfect immune booster that harnesses the anti-oxidative qualities of the parisian pine tree through a unique three-way protection.

Firstly, the supplement improves overall blood circulation and accelerates drainage of waste materials from your body. Secondly, it helps to strengthen and retain the existing amount of collagen that your body naturally produces to maintain your skin condition. Lastly, the supplement also has a robust mixture of high quality antioxidants to slow down aging and combat negative forms of oxidative stress due to a poor diet, excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, a high sugar intake or stress from work!

Based on a daily 9-5 work schedule, taking one to two tablets daily for a added boost of antioxidants will help to protect your immune system and will be a boon to your overall health and complexion. (Based on taking the supplement daily for at least for a week.) When you start working out for 30 mins at least thrice a week, get at least 8 hours of sleep per day and change your dietary habits while taking one or two tablets daily for at least a month- you won’t be able to recognize the new person you’re looking at in the mirror!

LAC MASQUELIER’s French Pine Bark Extract is retailing in all LAC stores and online, from S$46 for a pack of 25 tablets.

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