Hot! Crusty’s Launches Hawker Culture Street Food-inspired Potato Chips


CONTENT: Seraphina Tang

Move aside ma la – if you’re craving for a hit of spice without the oiliness, or are just a fan of spicy snacks (who isn’t?), it’s time to dig into Crusty’s brand-new Singapore BBQ Seafood Potato Chips.

Taking inspiration from the well-loved hawker dish – we’re thinking of the platters of just-grilled stingray, prawns and sotong, covered in generous slathers of piquant sambal that East Coast Lagoon Food Centre is so famous for – and putting those delightfully charred, spicy flavours into potato chip form for easier eating.

We enjoyed the curved, ridged shape of the potato chips that allowed for more seasoning and flavour – smoky, tangy and so very addictive. The re-sealable snack pack, covered in cheery designs of hawker culture in Singapore, also makes it an easily portable snack to tote around to a friend’s house for sharing, or to seal and keep for later (though we doubt you’d want to do either).

If spice isn’t something that’s up your alley, Crusty’s also has the Singapore Chicken Rice flavour, which has umami flavours of the iconic poached chicken dish, along with a subtle ginger note that kept us having chip after chip.

The Crusty’s Hawker Culture Street Food Edition Potato Chips range (S$3.90/each) are available for purchase via Crusty’s official website as well as through the IShopChangi website.

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