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Lenicc Eyewear in Tuscany

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Stylish, good quality, and affordable are often not found in the same sentence, especially when it comes to fashion. I used to get my sunglasses off those roadside stores as they were the latest styles at only a fraction of the price from designer brands. It was only much later that I realised that I could have damaged my eyes as the lens are especially crucial in filtering out harmful UV rays to protect against sun damage.

When local eyewear brand Lenicc reached out to customise my own pair of sunglasses from their new range of frames that are designed for Asian faces, I was intrigued. Lenicc takes note of all the small details, from tailored options of different frame shapes to coating their colored lens in fully UV-protective, polarised CR-39 layer of anti-glarecoat. Even the sunglasses themselves are made with environmentally-friendly and biodegradeable materials that are light enough to prevent aching at the temples even after long hours of usage.

Lenicc’s first collection, Flight, comes in three different frame shapes: Arosa (aviator style), Asori (wayfarer style) and Atalia (cateye style). After selecting the frame shape, you can also customise the frames colors and the arms. Finally, select the color of the lens – keep it classic with a grey lens or add some spunk with a pink lens!

Whilst customising my own pair of sunglasses, I also had the chance to speak to Grace Ng, Lenicc Eyewear’s founder, on the importance of buying good-quality eyewear and of course – what to look out for when putting together my sunglasses!

What should we look out for when picking out a pair of sunglasses?

Grace Ng: Optimal Fit , Not only looking for sunglasses to protect our eyes, but also giving us the maximum comfort to the point that we don’t feel headaches, dizziness or feeling that we have to remove our sunglasses when we are outside. Lens, Sunglasses are not just accessories, the sunscreen (1st layer) is there primarily for eye protection. Look for lens that are polarised and added with an anti-glare coating to give the maximum eye protection and comfort. Shape/Material, Consider choosing sunglasses that are oversized so they can wrap and cover the skin around the eyes nicely away from the harmful UV rays. Moreover, larger frames can help contour your face nicer and slimmer. Specifically for Lenicc, the materials we use are environmentally-friendly, light and durable.

How does the right lens/ sunglasses ensure that the eyes will not be damaged by UV rays?

Grace Ng: We would highly recommend getting your sunglasses from reputable, certified and professionally eyewear retailers or optical shops and not from the road-side stores as everything including material production is facing inflation so it is hard to tell if a $2-$50 pair of sunglasses is UV coated properly.

How will an ill-fitting pair of sunglasses (non-polarised lens/tight fit that causes distortion) affect our eyesight in the long run?

Grace Ng: Not having the right fit will cause discomfort, and the wearer might have to tackle with the frame falling off the nose bridge or frame smudging their makeup. This will most of the time lead to ladies placing their sunglasses up on the head and exposing their eyes to strong UV ray penetration. And to a certain degree, if there is overexposure to the sun’s rays, our eyes may age faster and damage gradually.

Non-polarised lenses mean the comfort level is not optimal – UV coating is able to prevent the harmful UV rays from reaching the eyes but does not cut off the glare from the sun. There is a possibility that the eyesight might be affected due to the straining of eye muscles.

Tight fit of the arms should be adjusted by the optician or staff of the respective eyewear brand as it can often cause headache or worse, migraines if it’s way too tight.


How are Lenicc sunglasses designed to overcome these pain points?

Grace Ng: At Lenicc Eyewear, our sunglasses are customisable from its level of protection, comfort and physique. We offer lenses in solid tinted colours like the standard grey (highest), gradient lens in grey/brown/purple (mid-level) and uniquely fun ones in pink (basic). All the lenses are certified UV-coated, polarised with a coat of anti-glare to provide ample protection and comfort.

The fit is raised to fit most nose bridges, especially the Asian ones. We close up the gap between the top of the frame and brows to prevent sunlight and air particles from entering the eyes. As the pupil of the eye is dilated about 6mm while wearing sunglasses, it is advisable to avoid any direct contact with UV rays as over time this will age the eye faster. This is also one of the reasons that our frames are slightly bigger than the rest so no sun rays could hit your eye directly; aesthetic-wise, big frame contours and accentuate your face shape and features better (the reverse of wearing baggy clothing).

Our arms are easily adjustable by the customer themselves to find their best fit. Before couriering orders out, there will be 2 rounds of adjustments done: 1st is to get the balance right and 2nd to get best comfortable fit (based on our director’s nose bridge), One tip we would like to share is sometimes you feel the weight of the sunglasses is upon your nose is due to the adjustment of the arms. Once it is adjusted comfortably, it will be fine. You are able to change the physique of the sunglasses based on the frame style, arm design and colour preference to suit your wardrobe and daily lifestyle routine.

Customised Atalia Cateye in Pink Lens

Final Thoughts

After receiving my Lenicc sunglasses, I was pleasantly surprised by how light it was despite the slightly big frames. I tend to avoid oversized sunglasses like cateye as they look out of balance, but the Atalia frames was the first cateye sunglasses that actually suited my face shape and also helped give a statement edge to my outfits. The raised nose bridge also helped the sunnies stayed up on my short nose bridge as compared to some Western brands.

The only thing that Lenicc doesn’t do yet is have powered lens. So if you’re myopic, you might need to pop in some contacts until Lenicc decides to start offering powered lens!

Customise your own pair of Lenicc sunglasses online now!

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