Hot! Desa Potato Head Launches HEADSTREAM, A New On-site Studio Space, Record Store and A Digital Streaming Platform


Bali’s Potato Head has launched HEADSTREAM – a new on-site studio space and record store that doubles up as a digital streaming platform, designed to shine a light on the voices, stories and sounds from Indonesia and around the world.

Located at the entrance of Desa Potato Head in Seminyak, HEADSTREAM’s headquarters sit beneath ‘The Womb’, a remarkable 90-metre bamboo archway built by revered artist Nano Uhero. Remaining firmly on brand, the studio is a temple of repurposed materials. Sustainably designed in collaboration with rising Bali-based architect, Zhi Xiong Chan of ZXC Studio, the space comprises 564 kilograms of recycled plastic. Motor oil bottles repurposed into panels and mineral water caps collected from waterways across Bali form the display window and interior surfaces. All 170 kilograms of flooring is formulated out of industrial rubber rejects.

HEADSTREAM officially launched on the 2nd – 3rd October, with events at the weekend featuring a total of 30 artists. Sunday’s portion of the event comprised of a 50/50 collaborative split, from the complimenting communities of Melbourne and Bali, live from their respective locations. Featuring acts such as Dea Barandana, DJ Jnett, Kita, Gabber Modus Operandi, Komang and Mairakilla, amongst others.

Desa Potato Head

Fundamentally, HEADSTREAM seeks to unearth new and unheard voices, connect communities and provide a global stage for the archipelago’s many DJs, collectors, creatives, thinkers, musicians and cultural heroes, which is where the digital streaming service occupies an important space. The platform is set to stream live daily from 7AM-7PM (Bali time), predominantly live from the studio, yet occasionally accompanied by contributions from satellite locations – Jogja, Malang, Jakarta, and Bandung.

On top of the intimate view from inside the studio, cameras will be stationed across Potato Head (Studio Eksotika, the rooftop, and the ocean, for example), enabling viewers to tune in, with off-site visuals in the pipeline too. Additionally, those who prefer simply listening can opt for an audio only option.
A communal work space neighbours the studio, serving jamu, tea and pour-over coffee. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in books, alongside listening and shopping their way through a carefully curated collection of new Indonesian vinyl releases and zines.

Beginning with music, The HEADSTREAM program will soon expand with documentary films and other surprise progressions, fuelled by a core notion: to discover new pathways that facilitate the dynamism that characterises the brand, while enhancing its offering of music, art and dialogue.

For programming and more information, visit HEADSTREAM  or visit Potato Head Website

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