Hot! DrTWL SunProtector, A Local Dermatologist-formulated Sunscreen

DrTWL SunProtector

As Singapore is hot and humid throughout the year, protecting the skin against the sun’s damaging rays is extremely important. Studies indicate that most people neglect or use too little sunscreen, meaning most are getting sun protection levels much less than the product-stated SPF. Factoring in activities such as swimming or exercising further reduces the amount of sun protection left on the skin.

According to Dr. Teo Wan Lin, a dermatologist at TWL Specialist and Laser Centre, “We get sunburn as a reaction caused by exposure to the sun’s invisible UV radiation. Molecules in our skin, especially our DNA, can get damaged by the energy of the radiation. A sunburn is the body’s way of telling us that too much UV rays have been absorbed.”

When we are sunburnt, our body releases a type of pigment known as Melanin. This pigment works to protect cells from damage. Melanin, as a natural sunscreen, will then absorb the UV rays and release it as heat. To avoid excessive sun damage, it is important to remember to cover up and apply a dermatologist tested sunscreen liberally on a daily basis.

The Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals SunProtector is a cosmeceutical sunscreen exquisitely formulated by a local dermatologist, to be super lightweight on the skin for humid climates and provides broad spectrum coverage of SPF 50 with PA+++ rating, that also helps to regenerate and soothes sensitive skin. The SunProtector uses particles of 100nm as UV filters, an ideal size that is both cosmetically elegant (no white cast!) to be almost invisible under make-up and does not expose users to the potential risk of cancer from systemic absorption of nanoparticles.

In addition, the SunProtector contains collagen hydrolysate, which promotes cellular regeneration by acting as a ‘glue’ among skin cells in photodamaged areas, allowing the skin to recover from injury. The effects of photoaging can be lasting and hard to rectify, so it is always easier to start managing such effects early. Hyperpigmentation can also be improved with regular sunscreen use. The SunProtector contains Oligopeptides for skin repair, and a potent mix of plant extracts such as the Portulaca Oleracea Extract for soothing of the skin.

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