Hot! Japan’s #1 Beauty Brand, SPICARE, Expands Online Distribution into Southeast Asia Market


One of Japan’s top-ranking skincare beauty brands, SPICARE, has announced its online distribution expansion into the Southeast Asia market, starting with its therapeutic foundation from its popular V3 series.

The V3 Foundation is an everyday foundation which utilizes Inospicule micro-needles for gentle skin penetration, creating a noticeable difference in your skin. With Marine organisms and sponges melded together in this beauty formula, it boosts the skin condition and permeates and moisturizes the skin. In 1 sleek shade, the V3 Foundation naturally adapts to the skin tone upon application.

Skin Activation

To rejuvenate the complexion, the V3 Foundation uses Innospicule – a beauty formula created out of marine organisms and sponges that diffuses beauty ingredients to condition, permeate and moisturise the skin. Active ingredients are delivered into the skin through a needle-shaped light injection foundation that provides facial management with a pleasant stimulus. The ingredients can stay for up to 72 hours, helping to regulate the skin’s activity and enhancing its barrier function. As a skincare product dedicated to skin regeneration, expect beauty effects such as whitening, anti-wrinkling, sebum control, and pore regulation.

Natural 1-Colour Control

Made without chemical preservatives, The V3 Foundation incorporates pigments made from natural ochre, laterite, black earth and lapis lazuli. Created with low-temperature fermentation technology, the pigment reacts with natural extract and gradually changes to a natural colour to suit the user’s skin when applied. Gentle to the skin, its ingredient blend provides glossy and smooth skin to the user, maintains good skin condition throughout the day, and is effective in preventing skin damage from ultraviolet rays.

Get Your Glow

The V3 Foundation’s patented Seboom P-complex imparts shine and sebum control which includes tourine root extract, evening primrose oil, pueraria root extract and big pine tea leaf extract. Delivered into the skin, the V3 Foundation helps to regulate the skin’s activity and enhances its barrier function. According to the condition of the user’s skin, the V3 Foundation either inhibits excess sebum or promotes dry skin to secrete sebum. This feature provides moderate radiance for all skin types and results in beautiful healthy skin.

V3 Foundation

Since its release in Japan 2 years ago, the V3 Foundation has garnered various nicknames from local media publications such as the “Natural Acupuncture Air Cushion Powder”, and “Therapeutic Air Cushion Powder” and “Beauty Air Cushion Powder”. SPICARE has sold over 24.9 billion JPY (estimated S$180 million) since entering the Japan market. The beauty brand will also be entering China this September, just before its Singapore launch. The V3 Foundation is now specially improved and reformulated for overseas use, and available for purchase at S$98 (not including shipping fees).

Apart from Singapore, plans for further expansion into other parts of the South East Asia region are underway, as well as more products from the V3 collection will be made available in the upcoming months.

The product is now available for purchase in Singapore via its online website and social media platforms.

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