Hot! Maison 21G Launches New Dual Crayon Roll-on Perfume

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CONTENT: Seraphina Tang

Parisian perfumery house Maison 21G has recently launched the Dual Crayon (S$50), a new product that combines the innovation and bespoke scent creation that the brand is known for.

Customise your Dual Crayon creation by taking the online Scent Personality Quiz – for those who are still unsure about creating your own perfume, there is even an optional final step where you can pick a favourite perfume that you have been using, and Maison 21G will base its quiz results from the scent notes in said choice. What we love is how there are different options based on what vibe you want to go for: from a relaxed day out, to work & social occasions, even for those special times when you might want to put on something a little more seductive for a significant other.

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With the tagline “1+1=3”, the Dual Crayon takes the form of duo roll-ons, where you can opt to dab or roll your chosen scents over your pulse points individually, or combine both scents for a third, complementary scent. Do note that when you are doing so, don’t rub the scent into your skin – doing so will break the perfume molecules and force the scent to dissolve into its deeper base notes, instead of allowing it to do so organically!

Furthermore, just like all Maison 21G products, the Dual Crayon contains only natural ingredients, and is cruelty-free, preservative-free, and without GMOs, CMR substances, or phthalates. Enough to last a month or more (especially in the current pandemic situation, where most of us are on WFH), yet dainty enough to fit into a handbag or clutch, the Dual Crayon is a perfect addition to your perfume collection.

The Maison 21G Dual Crayon Roll-on Creation is available to purchase online and at Maison 21G Singapore boutiques.

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