Hot! MUS Zenith Affair marks its 3rd anniversary with a focus on giving back to charity to support individuals with dementia


CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

Started as a way to give back to society during the pandemic, MUS Zenith Affair’s fundraising gala dinner took place again this November as a meaningful way to celebrate its third anniversary. The fundraising initiative aligns with MUS Zenith Affair’s founder Esther Ho’s personal motto: to “Give While You Get”, as donors will receive a token of appreciation from MUS Zenith Affair no matter how they contribute – through direct cash donation, bidding or purchase.

Inspired by memories of her late mother, who had mild dementia, and her love for her family, Esther decided on this year’s campaign theme to be Gems for Generations, with a key focus on sustainability.

“Jewellery are priceless gifts that can be passed on for generations to remember loved ones by. As time passes and fashion trends change, gemstones can be reset or redesigned to fit the new owner’s liking. Jewellery should never be thrown or kept locked away. My late mother had mild dementia and it took a village to look after her. I treasure her memories and also the jewelleries that she has passed on to me, so I’ve re-styled some of them to better suit my taste. This is why we are hosting a Jewellery Design Workshop series this November for families and friends to participate in, and to make sure every piece of jewellery is well-loved by its new owner,” said Esther Ho.

The first fundraiser took place in 2020 during the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet it ended on a bright note with $100,000 raised for Dementia Singapore while the second anniversary fundraiser in 2021 saw a significant increase to a total of $133,000 raised!

Dementia Singapore, formerly known as Alzheimer’s Disease Association, aims to better serve Singapore’s growing dementia community, increase awareness about dementia, and reduce stigma surrounding the condition.


“In Singapore, there are an estimated 100,000 people living with dementia and this number is rising every day. We are very encouraged by organisations like MUS Zenith Affair that do not simply focus on the glitz and glamour of their business but is in fact proactively giving back to society and helping the less fortunate.” said Dr Ang Peng Chye, Chairman of Dementia Singapore.

Knowing Esther’s selfless personality and having a big heart to always help those in need, her friends and families chimed in with creative ways to aid this year’s fundraiser. Many have volunteered to donate vicariously or support in other ways they can — through donations of pre-loved jewellery in preparation for’s Charity Gala Dinner 2022 auction!

With her passion to care for those in need, Esther has been actively involved in volunteer work and charities whilst nurturing her granddaughter Victoria Grace Lee to do the same from a young age — to always extend a helping hand from the heart. This November, the two generations will be working together hand-in-hand in the name of charity.

Additionally, the winner of Miss World 2021, Miss Karolina Bielawska, joined in on being a charity ambassador for MUS Zenith Affair and will spread the joy and news of the fundraiser on her respective social media platforms, reaching an estimated 5 million people from around the world.

Charity Gala

The pinnacle of MUS Zenith Affair’s anniversary campaign was its Charity Auction Gala Dinner that took place on 9 November 2022, set in the historic Raffles Hotel where the store was first founded. Over 100 guests attended the event and partook in a live auction hosted by her granddaughter Victoria Grace Lee and veteran ex-DJ Bernard Lim. New records were reached that night as a Morganite 18K Rose Gold Necklace designed by Victoria herself was auctioned off at a price of $10,000, while the organization managed to raise a total of $210,000 through other auctions of a plethora of new and preloved jewellery, F&B vouchers, spas, and others of which 100% of the proceeds will be fully donated to Dementia Singapore.

As part of its Gems For Generations charity fundraising campaign this year, part of MUS Zenith Affair proceeds from the in-store sales in the entire month of November will go to support Dementia Singapore.

Every customer who has purchased from their store at Raffles Hotel this month will be offered a full hair and makeup makeover before profile photos are taken on 14th and 24th November. Each of these big-hearted supporters will be featured on MUS Zenith Affair’s social media accounts to help spread the word about giving as the campaign’s charity ambassador! Fine Jewellery
Raffles Hotel Arcade #01-01, 328 North Bridge Rd, 188719

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