NISHANE X Collection: Celebrating a Decade of Mastery in the Art of Fragrance


CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

To pay tribute to its dedicated perfume enthusiasts, NISHANE, the avant-garde perfumery from Istanbul has launched its X Collection as part of its 10th-anniversary celebration. The new collection involves reinterpretations of five of the brand’s most beloved scents: ANI, FAN YOUR FLAMES, HACIVAT, HUNDRED SILENT WAYS, and WŪLÓNG CHÁ. Exclusively distributed by Amaris, marked by the Roman numeral 10, the X Collection serves as a testament to NISHANE’s extraordinary journey in the art of perfumery and storytelling. This collection pays homage to the brand’s loyal fans, creating intense interpretations with the help of top perfumers in the industry.
Globally recognized as one of Istanbul’s exceptional niche fragrance houses, NISHANE has carved a name for itself in the perfume world with its unique and captivating scent creations. The brand draws inspiration from Istanbul’s rich history, blending deep-rooted traditions that evoke emotions, legendary stories passed down through generations that will rekindle old memories.

We had the opportunity to try out WŪLÓNG CHÁ X for ourselves and these were our thoughts:

Wu Long Cha

Crafted by perfumer Julien Rasquinet, the perfume delivers a super concentrated scent of green tea leaves while retaining the signature subtle notes of citrus freshness that its original counterpart is known for. While the overall scent will leave its mark on one’s clothes for a full day of activities, the citrus-green tea notes will eventually transform into a combined scent of magnolia flowers, a hint of thyme and eventually take its final resting scent of a warm mask and fig undertone.

Ultimately, WŪLÓNG CHÁ X is that encapsulates the essence of the Far East. The gender neutral fragance is perfect for one looking to impress for a special event or a refreshing new perfume for daily wear apart from the conventional peaty or rose scented fragrances. As each note weaves a story, WŪLÓNG CHÁ X is a versatile and enchanting choice that create a lasting impression!

The NISHANE X Collection is now available at Amaris Beauty’s website and selected Amaris boutiques nationwide. A 50ml bottle is priced at S$343 while a 100ml bottle is priced at S$504.