Hot! Oakley To Launch Kato Prizm 24K Gold Sunglasses

Oakley Kato Prism

Oakley Kato with Prizm 24K lenses will debut on the world’s greatest stage for sport this summer in Tokyo. Team Oakley finalists at the Summer Games will be outfitted with Oakley Kato with Prizm 24K lenses to unlock their superpowers in the pursuit of winning gold. Engineered to shatter the boundaries of sport performance, Oakley Kato with Prizm 24K lenses will continue to revolutionize the face of sport and provide the wearer with the confidence to be at their best.

Oakley Kato is engineered to push the boundaries of performance with a purpose-built design that conforms to the contours of the face for a seamless look. With its progressive, disruptive wrap design, the frameless architecture, innovative tilt function, and multiple nosepads create a customized fit. Paired with Prizm Lens Technology, Oakley Kato empowers athletes with optimized coverage, an expanded field of view and lenses designed to enhance color and contrast to see more detail.

Oakley Kato features PhysioMorphic Geometry, the newest innovation in optical design from Oakley. Following in the footsteps of previous innovations by Oakley, PhysioMorphic Geometry takes inspiration from the human experience and laws of nature to unlock eyewear designed and developed without limitations. In Oakley Kato, this technology enables a lens design with an extended wrap and rigidity in key areas that mimic the structural properties of a frame.

Oakley Kato Prizm 24K Gold retails at S$486 and is available at Oakley Marina Bay Sands boutique and Universal Optical stores in Singapore.

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