Hot! Patek Philippe Presents Rare Handcrafts Collection Exhibition 2022

Patek Philippe

From April 6 to 23, 2022, Patek Philippe is presenting nearly 60 Rare Handcrafts creations that pay tribute to a wide range of artisanal skills. Apart from these treasures that reflect wonderfully inspired, magnificent craftsmanship, visitors can also watch masters of their art demonstrating tradition-steeped techniques.

As the guardian of the grand Genevan watchmaking tradition, Patek Philippe is deeply committed to preserving the artisanal skills with which timepieces have been lavishly decorated for nearly five hundred years. Each year, the brand unveils a new collection of one-of-a-kind pieces and limited editions that focus the spotlight on such talents. This also applies to the 2022 collection (a total of 59 creations including 15 dome table clocks, 9 miniature dome table clocks, 10 pocket watches, and 25 wristwatches) with a rich palette of different artisanal techniques such as grand feu cloisonné enamel, miniature painting on enamel (a genuine Genevan specialty), manual engraving, manual guilloching and paillonné enamel – not to mention skills like wood micromarquetry and Longwy enamel on faience that are so unique in watchmaking artistry.

As was already the case in the past years, the 2022 Rare Handcrafts collection is a veritable fireworks of creativity inspired by an abundance of many different sources.

Bol dOr

Among the numerous topics of this year, a showcase also exhibits several objects directly related to Geneva, the domicile of Patek Philippe. One of them is the dome table clock 20118M “Bol d’Or” in cloisonné and paillonné enamel as a reminder of the seven trophies that the manufacture’s honorary president Philippe Stern won at this famous regatta on the Lake of Geneva. The case back of the pocket watch 995/130G-001 ”Swan“ shows this typically Genevan bird in wood micromarquetry. Another showcase presents the magic of the tropical jungle. A further one recalls the maiden flights across the English Channel, the Atlantic, and the Pacific.

The “Haut artisanat 2022” (Rare Handcrafts 2022) exhibition at the Patek Philippe Salons on Rue du Rhône 41 is open to the public every day except Sundays from April 6 to 23, 2022, from 11 am to 6 pm. Visitors are requested to preregister online starting on March 28, 2022.

For the first time, the “Haut artisanat 2022” exhibition will also take place in Paris: From May 14 to 22, 2022, in a gallery on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré 85, that will be totally remodeled for this event.

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