Hot! REVIEW: Give Your Hair And Scalp The Care It Needs At Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions

Hair And Scalp

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Just like how you need to have a skincare routine, your scalp and hair needs a beauty routine to keep your happy head of hair. Your scalp’s skin is even more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body, and slight changes of the environment or even your daily routine habits can result in a clogged and unhealthy scalp. Overtime, this would lead to hair loss and unhealthy hair.

Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions prides themselves on using technology and organic hair care products to ensure the most effective treatments. Other than scalp treatments, the salon also carries eco-friendly products that you can purchase to continue your own hair-care treatments at home.

When they invited me down to the opening of their new salon at Suntec City, I went down as I wanted to check out the condition of my scalp. Stepping into the salon, I immediately noticed the gorgeous outlet decorated with many Instagrammable corners like a wall of cotton and a Sakura tree where you can snap photos (after your treatment I’m assuming of course).

I went for the salon’s signature scalp treatment, the Advanced Hair Growth Treatment (AHG) that starts from s$248. The price depends on the actual treatment the beautician determines after looking at the condition of your scalp to ensure that the results are maximised through a scalp analysis. The beautician will also ask about your habits and the hair products you are using, which would help in their analysis of your hair.

Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions

It turns that not washing my hair everyday in the goals of prolonging the intense color of my hair resulted in an oily and congested scalp. The goal of the session would be to cleanse my scalp so that my hair tonics would be more effective. The 7-step treatment started with a detoxing process that uses high frequencies to kill bacteria and remove impurities to clear the pores and allow the hair follicles to breath.

Once cleared, an exfo peel cream was applied. The cooling cream was a relaxing experience that not only soothes the scalp, but is also hydrating and purifying. A serum was then applied to my scalp, before I headed for a shampoo and hair mask. I loved how my beautician also gave my a head and neck massage, which elevated the whole experience as it also helped me destress my tense shoulders.

While the salon recommends coming every 1 to 2 months, they recommend that the frequency and type of treatment would depend on the state of your scalp. So if you look after your hair, you would probably not need to drop by so often!

Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions is now open at Suntec City (NEW Outlet), The Star Vista, Paya Lebar Quarter, East Point Mall, Wheelock place, Capitol Piazza, Orchard Central, Kovan Village, and West Mall.

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