REVIEW: ReduStim at Skincape Clinic – A Painless & Non-invasive Treatment to Reduce Stubborn Fat


CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Many people find it harder to shed excess weight, even with a careful diet and rigorous exercise. With the aid of an aesthetic treatment, you might be able to shed off the weight and keep it off more easily. ReduStim is one of the non-invasive fat-loss treatments that works by reducing visceral fat.

Often compared to CoolSculpting, also commonly referred to as fat-freezing, ReduStim uses a technology called BioStimulogy where low frequency BioMagnetic fields stimulate calcium release in muscle cells, which releases and burns energy. This natural breakdown of fats allow ReduStim to target visceral fat that are deep within the body and around the organs, which are linked to health conditions heart disease and diabetes.

We had the opportunity to try out the ReduStim treatment at Skinscape Clinic, and we already gave plus points for its convenient location in the CBD at Asia Square. The clinic offers a variety of treatments aside from the ReduStim Biotechnology, including Pico Laser, micro-needling, skin boosters, and chemical peels. The individual treatment rooms is designed to give you privacy to relax and enjoy the treatment in peace, as Doctor Harvey believes in a holistic approach where skin health and inner wellness come hand in hand.


Onto the treatment process. The ReduStim machine is a body suit that covers your entire lower body up till your waist, and you can opt to include your arms as part of the treatment. The bodysuit compresses around your lower body as the biomagnetic fields start pulsing, and it feels like a huge blood pressure arm cuff around the lower body. The compression also works by aiding lymphatic drainage, which removes toxic and metabolic waste, all of which can result in shedding weight faster. Aside from the initial discomfort, there was no pain. The 45-minute session passed really quickly, and it was even relaxing enough that I dozed off. As part of Skinscape Clinic’s wellness initiatives, red-light therapy and healing music are complimentary add-ons for further relaxation.

Post-treatment, I felt very hungry and later found out that it was because the ReduStim treatment burnt about 800 kcal. The only aftercare was to avoid carbs, sugar or energy for four hours post-treatment which was hard as I felt like I just went for a 10km run. The fuss-free prep and procedure makes the ReduStim a very convenient treatment to fit around a hectic schedule, without any downtime since its non-invasive.


For best results, Doctor Harvey recommends patients to commit to a program of at least 12 to 14 sessions to see a significant difference. Visceral fat loss is a gradual process, and a complete cycle of 12 sessions will see up to a 6cm difference on the waistline. He even mentioned that some of his other patients had permanent weight loss, with not much change of diet. Of course, diet can and does play a huge part in keeping the weight off!

Skinscape Clinic is located at 8 Marina View, #02-07 Asia Square Tower 1, Singapore 018960. Open on Monday to Fridays from 10am-8pm and on Saturdays from 10am – 6pm. Book an appointment or consultation online

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