REVIEW: The new HONOR Magic 6 Pro

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CONTENT: Kevin Yiew

In a highly competitive smartphone market where tech giants such as Apple or Samsung reign supreme, HONOR’s newest flagship smartphone the HONOR Magic 6 Pro has swiftly risen from its roots in the mid-range smartphone segment to become a formidable player in the Android market to act as the perfect compromise between the two leading smartphone legacy brands. As its former parent company Huawei continues to face regulatory issues from the West and stay locked out of the Android ecosystem, HONOR phones are not and are giving legacy brands a run for their money. In this comprehensive review, we delve into a few key categories that make this device stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Design and Display:
Upon first impressions, from the instant it’s picked up, the phone impresses with its snappy performance and swift app launches, clocking in at a mere five seconds or less. Designed to bridge the gap between Android and Apple operating systems, this cutting-edge device combines the stellar specifications of a Samsung S24 with the familiar user interface of an iPhone. For diehard Apple fans trying out an Android interface for the first time, the Magic 6 Pro’s user interface serves as a seamless transition, mirroring the intuitive control center layout typically found on iPhones. A notable design feature that sets the Magic 6 Pro apart is its incorporation of a luxurious leather cover on the back—a departure from the typical titanium or plastic covers commonly seen in other brands.

Beyond aesthetics, the Magic 6 Pro’s 6.8-inch screen steals the spotlight with its curved edges and premium build quality, offering an immersive visual experience. With vibrant colors, deep blacks, and a buttery-smooth 120Hz refresh rate, this display ensures that every moment spent interacting with the device is nothing short of captivating.

User Interface:
Prioritizing convenience and comfort, the HONOR Magic 6 Pro redefines its user interface experience with its array of intelligent features and user-centric design. Setting a new benchmark for user well-being, the device’s remarkable 6.8-inch All-range Low-power LTPO Eye Comfort Display prioritizes user comfort with innovative technologies such as PWM Dynamic dimming technology and a customized Circadian Night Display. By automatically adjusting screen brightness based on background lighting and adapting color temperature to the surrounding environment, the Magic 6 Pro minimizes eye fatigue and enhances overall viewing comfort.

With speakers positioned at the top and bottom of the phone, users are treated to immersive surround sound, enhancing the viewing experience for binge-watching sessions on popular streaming platforms like Netflix or Disney+. Moreover, the device’s Dhoby Vision ensures unparalleled video quality, rivaling that of high-end alternatives like the Samsung S24. Multitasking is a breeze with the Magic 6 Pro’s dual-screen sharing feature, allowing users to seamlessly switch between apps and tasks- users can even swipe up on Tiktok videos while watching a Youtube video in the background!

Powered by HONOR’s cutting-edge Magic UI 6.0, the user interface is designed for effortless navigation and intuitive interaction. Customizable and organized, the interface enables users to tailor their device to their preferences, while smart features like gesture controls and AI-assisted recommendations enhance productivity and ease of use. With robust privacy and security measures in place, users can trust that their sensitive data and personal information are safeguarded at all times, offering peace of mind in an increasingly digital world.

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Camera qualities (AI):
Touching on the device’s key selling point, the HONOR Magic 6 Pro elevates smartphone photography to unprecedented heights with its AI-powered Next-generation HONOR Falcon Camera System, delivering a pro-grade photography experience normally achieved on a DSLR camera.

Comprising a 50MP Wide camera, a 50MP Ultra-wide camera, and an impressive 180MP Periscope Telephoto camera, the Next-generation HONOR Falcon Camera System surpasses most competitors in the market. With the best experience ranging from 2.5x to 10x zoom, this device utilizes AI technologies to capture intricate details in sports photography or capture fast motions with remarkable precision. The 180MP Periscope Telephoto camera enables users to achieve exceptional clarity with up to 100X digital zoom, perfect for capturing action-packed moments during sports events. Enhanced by the upgraded AI capture algorithm, HONOR AI Motion Sensing Capture effortlessly predicts and captures decisive moments in ultra-high definition, ensuring every shot is picture-perfect. Plus, the device features a customized HDR sensor that delivers a phenomenal 210% improvement in dynamic range, resulting in true-to-life colors even in dim or oversaturated lighting conditions.

The camera’s AI capabilities further enhance the photography experience, automatically adjusting settings based on usage and environment. Features like auto capture for quick shots, smart capture for effortless photography, and the ability for the AI to identify what the camera is trying to capture and auto adjust filters to ensure every moment is captured with clarity and precision.

With a screen refresh rate of 120 hertz, users can enjoy smooth and fluid visuals, ensuring optimal viewing quality. The camera’s zoom capabilities are impressive, with the ability to zoom up to 10X for sharp and detailed images. However, users have to be wary that heavy AI processing can distort images at higher or extreme zoom levels.

The camera’s color reproduction and dynamic range are exceptional, capturing vibrant and lifelike colors with stunning accuracy. While the video recording capabilities are limited to 4K UHD at 60fps, the inclusion of features like LOG/LUT input makes it a valuable tool for filmmakers and video editing professionals. Despite potential heating issues when used for long durations, the camera’s color accuracy and professional-grade editing options make it a standout choice for aspiring content creators.

The Ultra-large Variable Aperture of f/1.4 and f/2.0 grants users greater control over depth of field, allowing for stunning creative effects. With substantial hardware and software enhancements, HONOR sets a new standard for capturing sports and action moments of unparalleled quality.

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Silicon Carbon Battery life:
Integrating state-of-the-art innovations inspired by the electric vehicle industry, the HONOR Magic 6 Pro uses a self-optimized Second-generation Silicon-carbon battery. This phone boasts a robust 5600mAh2 energy pack, ensuring prolonged usage even in challenging low-temperature environments. Impressively, the battery maintains its performance, allowing uninterrupted YouTube video playback for 81 minutes with just 10% battery life remaining.

The HONOR Magic 6 Pro is equipped with 80W HONOR Wired SuperCharge and 66W HONOR Wireless SuperCharge capabilities. With the provided charger, users can charge their device to full capacity in a mere 40 minutes, empowering them to swiftly resume gaming, listen to their favorite tunes or stream their favorite series on the go. Notably, every minute counts, as even a quick 5-minute charge provided an estimated 13% battery boost when the device reached a 10% low battery threshold.

Testing the device in a real-world scenario, the HONOR Magic 6 Pro impressed us with its exceptional battery endurance. Playing a six-hour ASMR music soundtrack on YouTube overnight, the battery only depleted by a mere 40% over 6 hours. While initial impressions of battery performance look promising, the true test lies in long-term usage. Practicing good phone habits, such as avoiding overnight overcharging, excessive charge cycles, and usage in high-temperature conditions, can help maximize battery lifespan and sustain optimal performance over time.

Gaming performance:
The avid phone gamer will be able to experience seamless gaming performance on the HONOR Magic 6 Pro, where high-graphic games like Genshin Impact, Star Rail, and Call Of Duty Mobile glide effortlessly. Coupled with the device’s impressive battery longevity, gaming enthusiasts can indulge in uninterrupted gameplay, where two full game matches lasting an average of 30 mins only results in a 5% drop in battery life.

Note: A warning for users NOT to game and charge their phone at the same time as it results in a lot of heat emitting from the phone and it will affect their gaming experience and potentially shorten the battery lifespan.

In conclusion, the HONOR Magic 6 Pro stands out as a top-tier flagship smartphone, filled with bleeding-edge technologies that delivers excellence in every aspect for its user. With its AI-powered camera photography, stunning display quality, enduring battery life, and intuitive user interface, it is ideal for those who prioritize intuitive performance and intelligent technology.

Ultimately, this device caters to the needs of modern consumers seeking a sophisticated digital companion. Whether you’re a content creator, gamer, young entrepreneur, or simply someone who appreciates cutting-edge innovation, the HONOR Magic6 Pro empowers you to explore new horizons and delivers an unbeatable photography experience one would normally get with a DSLR camera.

The HONOR Magic 6 Pro (S$1,399) is available in Epi Green or Black colour from authorized HONOR retailers, Shopee, Gain City, Courts, Challenger and Best Denki.