Hot! Ruhens to Launch Two Marvel-Inspired Water Purifiers

Captain America & Iron Man 3

Ruhens announces the release of two exciting limited editions of its Ruhens V water purifiers, inspired by popular Marvel characters, Captain America and Iron Man.

The specialist in water purifiers unveil two new models each featuring world-renowned Super Hero icons, Captain America and Iron Man. The models are themed after the striking colours of each hero – blue representing Captain America and red for Iron Man.

The Captain America Edition boasts an outline of the Super-Soldier on the front. One side of the purifier unit is in red, blue and white, inspired by his costume, while on the other side, his shield is proudly displayed alongside the words Captain America.

The Iron Man Edition dresses the purifier in regal red, gold and white, inspired by the colours of Tony Stark’s armour. Outlines of his suit and helmet adorn the front, and one side, a full image of him in mid-flight, blasters at ready, plasters the other.

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