Hot! Spring Into The Lunar New Year with Great Health & Wealth with Hitachi

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One of the most important festive of the year is here again! Lunar New Year is the time where families and friends gather and feast in celebration. In the year 2018, Hitachi ushers you into the Year of The Dog with its latest Made in Japan appliances; Made in Japan Air Purifiers and Made in Japan Refrigerators.

Hitachi Superheated Steam Microwave Oven
The best kitchen helper to treat them to healthy delicacies this Lunar New Year is with Hitachi’s Superheated Steam Microwave Oven. Not only does the Superheated Steam Microwave Oven delivers quicker meals but also healthier ones. Innovatively designed with five cooking methods enhanced with Auto Bakery mode; microwave, oven, steam, bake and superheated steam and grill, it allows one to cook faster with less fat, salt and calories.

Microwave Oven - MRO-NBK5000E

The oven optimizes cooking according to food types. Its best feature; 232 Recipes and 200 Auto Modes employ a combination of five heating methods to give the best results in the textures, flavours, and presentations of the food. The microwave oven removes excess fat and salt from the food by reheating 100°C steam to generate the superheated steam. This ultra-fine, high temperature super-heated steam instantly wraps around and penetrates the meat and melt the fat.

Hitachi Superheated Steam Microwave Model MRO-NBK5000E and MRO-AV200E comes in Red colour is retailing at S$2,399 and S$1,699 respectively, and MROAV100E comes in White colour is retailing at S$1,499

Refrigerator - R-X730GS

Hitachi Made in Japan Refrigerator
This eco-friendly sophisticated refrigerator is the largest refrigerator in the industry, designed to perfection with dimension of 880 (W) x 738 (D) x 1833 (H) mm and a gross capacity of 788L. Most importantly, it keeps your groceries fresher for a longer period, just what you need for the Lunar New Year!

The R-X730GS is engineered with ingenious features and functions to elevate your quality of life with the finest technology such as the Aero-care Vege Compartment, Vacuum Compartment with Platinum Catalyst, Delicious Freezing – Due to the high thermal conductivity of the metal, food placed on the Delicious Freezing Aluminum Tray chills faster as heat is drawn away. By quickly going past the maximum ice crystal formation zone where the moisture in food items freezes, the growth of ice crystals will be inhibited. Freezer burn can be impeded, and cellular damage can be curbed to keep food tasting delicious. Ice crystals are kept small to prevent drip loss in food upon thawing, allowing to lock in colour, texture, flavour and the nutritional value of fresh cooked products. With the intelligent Temperature Sensor, it detects the temperature of hot food on the tray, and will automatically switch the setting to freeze it very quickly and lastly, it is energy saving.

Hitachi’s Made in Japan range of refrigerators come in a range of sizes to fit in any space, anywhere. There is always one perfect for your household!

Hitachi Made in Japan Refrigerator Model R-X730GS (Net Capacity: 788L) is retailing at S$6,199.

Air Purifier - EP-NZG70J

Hitachi Made in Japan Air Purifier
Expanding its premium Made in Japan Air Purifier line-up comes two new additions of models; EP-NZG70J and EP-NZ50J. This powerful air purifier catches a wider range of air pollutants, keeping the air around you, cleaner and fresher throughout the year.

Hitachi’s Made in Japan Air Purifiers are proven effective in eliminating air pollutants such as dust, odors and smoke particles. Innovatively developed with key features such as Allergen-free HEPA filter, Wide and Speedy Dust Collection, Low Noise Operation, and awarded with the Allergy UK Seal of Approval in recognition of its proven ability to reduce exposure to allergens. Good health with fresh air can now be yours all thanks to Hitachi.

Hitachi Made in Japan Air Purifier Model EP-NZG70J comes in Champagne colour is retailing at S$799, and EP-NZ50J comes in White colour is retailing at S$599.


Hitachi Made in Japan: Multi Angle Head Vacuum Cleaner
Hitachi has continuously created vacuum cleaners in meticulous detail. Spotlessly clean homes during spring cleaning are made possible with Hitachi Multi-Angle Head floor tool that enables access to seemingly impossible corners. Keeping your homes clean and fresh effortlessly this Lunar New Year.

Hitachi Multi Angle Head Vacuum Cleaner Model CV-SA8200RJ comes in Champagne colour at S$1,299, CV-SA8100RJ comes in Ruby Red colour is retailing at S$1,099 and CV-SA8000RJ comes in Red colour is retailing at S$999.

Rice Cooker - RZ-KV180YS

Hitachi Made in Japan: Pressure and Steam Induction Heating Rice Cooker
Rice is one of the most popular staple foods, especially during reunion dinner on Lunar New Year’s Eve. Hitachi developed the advanced Pressure and Steam Induction Heating (IH) Rice Cooker with the aim of perfecting the art of rice cooking that produces soft, fluffy and evenly cooked rice grains. Combining four superior elements – Induction Heating, Steam Recycling, Vapor Cut and High Heating Thermal Sprayed Thick Iron Pot – to ensure rice is cooked to perfection, the premium “Made in Japan” IH Rice Cooker delivers deliciously cooked rice of the softest texture and sweetest taste with the ivory appearance of Hokkaido snow. The rice served on the table during Lunar New Year will make all your guests yearning for seconds.

Hitachi IH Rice Cooker Model RZ-KV180Y (1.8 Litres) comes in Platinum Red colour is retailing at S$1,099, RZKG18YS (1.8 Litre) and RZ-KG10YS (1.0 Litres) comes in Platinum Silver colour is retailing at S$899 and S$799 respectively.

Washing Machine - BD-S5500

Hitachi Made in Japan Front Load Big Drum Washing Machine
A washer and dryer all in one! Promising to save energy and water as well as reduce the time one has to spend on drying and ironing clothes. Combining groundbreaking technologies developed exclusively by Hitachi – Auto Self Clean, Heat Recycle Drying, Wind Iron, and Steam Iron – the 10kg washing machine forms one intelligent system that brings unparalleled convenience to users. With Hitachi’s Auto Self Clean, 99% of germs will be removed and mould growth is prevented with every wash. With the Auto Self Clean setting in place, it washes away the dirt from the outside and bottom of the stainless steel tub as well as the inside and bottom of the outer tub. The Wind Iron and Steam Iron function dries the clothes smartly and reduces the wrinkling and clothing odor.

Hitachi Made in Japan Front Load Big Drum Washing Machine BD-SG100AJ’s (Washing Capacity: 10kg, Drying Capacity: 7kg) comes in Champagne colour is retailing at S$3,199, and BD-S5500 (Washing Capacity: 10.5kg, Drying Capacity: 7kg) comes in Champagne Gold colour is retailing at S$3,599.

All Hitachi products are available on Hitachi Online Store via: and at all authorized dealers.

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