Hot! The All-New Bentley Continental GT: A Defining Moment in Luxury Grand Touring


Bentley Motors has announced full details of its new Continental GT, the definitive Grand Tourer. Designed, engineered and handcrafted in Britain, the new third-generation Bentley Continental GT combines spirited, focused performance with handcrafted luxury and cutting-edge technology, to create the finest Grand Tourer ever produced.

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie
IMAGES: Bentley

Comprehensive Exterior Enhancements
The muscular exterior design of the car was created using revolutionary technology that results in a lightweight, yet stiff, body. The all-new body and materials save more than 80 kg over the previous Continental W12 body. The Continental GT’s profile is longer and has a lower suspension due in part to the positioning of the front wheels 135 mm further forward, which in turn allows the bonnet to be extended and the nose to be lowered. However, the key signature lines of the original Continental still dominate the design, with the ‘power line’ travelling from the headlights to the muscular rear bumper.


The lighting on the Continental GT uses the latest LED technology, but it is the design of the head lamps that truly sets them apart. Inspired by the finest cut-crystal glasses, the internal surfaces are transparent with sharply defined edges that catch the light like a diamond. The rear of the car is a radical styling departure, with the tail lights now shaped into ellipses, reflecting the silhouette of the exhaust tail pipes below them. The result is similar to that of an illuminated gem – an effect which is magnified when the optional welcome sequence gradually illuminates the headlights as you approach the car. The tail lights also feature the cut-crystal effect, highlighting the three-dimensional depth of the optics.

New Continental GT Exterior Paint

The new Continental GT customer has a class-leading portfolio of 17 exterior paint colours to choose from – carefully selected to complement the character and lines of the car. In addition, the option of a full bespoke colour option will be made available to Bentley customers. They will be able to create or choose any colour they desire, regardless if its the colour of their nails or the colour of a significant object that reminds them of a special moment of their life that can be reflected on their car.

New Continental GT Wheel

The Belly Of The Beast
At the heart of the new Continental GT concealed an all-new, enhanced version of Bentley’s renowned 6.0-litre, twin-turbocharged W12 TSI engine, mated, for the first time, to a dual-clutch eight-speed transmission, for faster, more efficient gear changes. The engine is able to accelerate the new Continental GT to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds (0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds), and on to a top speed of 333 km/h (207 mph). A dedicated Sport Launch mode delivers maximum acceleration through careful clutch pressure sensing and pre-loading when a race-style start is initialized by the driver.

New Continental GT Clutch

A new, technically advanced, adaptive chassis uses Bentley’s intelligent 48-volt Dynamic Ride System to ensure a responsive ride and exceptional handling and refinement in all types of road conditions. The new system controls ride comfort and lateral roll, cushioning passengers from uneven terrain as well as making the car feel effortlessly precise.

The new engine utilises Start-Stop technology and, in Bentley’s advanced application, coasting is also made possible. The engine rests not only when the vehicle is stationary but also at near-to-stop speeds and provides improved combined fuel economy. The engine is positioned further back to improve weight distribution, resulting in the best dynamic performance for the car, for the driver.

New Continental GT - Body

The Crème De Resistance
The interior of the new Continental GT showcases Bentley’s unrivalled expertise in the authentic use of materials, from the highest-quality natural leathers, to rare, sustainably sourced veneers – including Koa wood, Bentley’s newest veneer – and hand-polished chrome details. For the first time, unique dual-veneer options are offered. Over 10 square metres of wood are used in each car and it takes nine hours to create and fit the wooden inlays by hand.

New Continental GT Seats

Offering four seats and improved luggage capacity for genuine real-world usability, the new Bentley Continental GT’s luxurious cabin is packed with exquisite details such as a new ‘diamond in diamond’ leather quilt design. The new interior pattern features both stitching and embroidery. The inner diamonds are embroidered, using a specially designed machine that balances high speed with quality. Eighteen months were spent developing the embroidery, individually optimising and programming the exact alignment of each one of the 712 stitches that make up each diamond shape – an unrivalled attention to detail. In addition, significant work has gone into harmonising the extensive portfolio of 15 colours across hides and carpets. The 20-way adjustable seats in the new Continental GT set new industry standards in comfort and refinement. Smooth centre panels allow maximum efficiency for the cooling, heating and massage functions, while the bolsters retain the signature Bentley quilting.

New Continental GT Screen

The car showcases major evolutions in Bentley’s unique application of technology. An advanced, fully digital, driver-focused instrument panel and Bentley Rotating Display for the driver are among the suite of innovations. The latter features an impressive 12.3″ touchscreen housed in a three-sided unit, which revolves the veneer to reveal the touchscreen as well as three elegant analogue dials as the engine roars with the push of a button. Apple CarPlay, the smartest and quickest way to integrate the functionality of Apple devices in a car is connected via a USB port. In emergency situations, Private eCall provides instant access to emergency services for ultimate peace of mind when travelling.

Wolfgang Durheimer, chairman and chief executive of Bentley Motors, said: “Bentley has been at the forefront of luxury Grand Touring for nearly one hundred years. The new, third-generation Continental GT is the pinnacle of our design and engineering achievements and marks the next step in Bentley’s journey.

“We are the world leader in luxury mobility and our products and services define new luxury in the automotive world. The new Continental GT encapsulates our desire to innovate as well as celebrate our heritage and take the Bentley ownership experience to the next, unparalleled level.”

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