Hot! Why LENE Birds Nest is more Superior to Other Brands

Birds Nest

Having realised that there isn’t any high quality bird’s nest in the market, founder Jaclene Liew launched LENE in 2021.

Recently, LENE further elevated its brand with a complete makeover starting with its new swallows and an oriental theme which is meant to associate LENE with grace and beauty and to remind people of the origins of bird’s nest, or swallow nest in the past, and its links to various health and beauty benefits.

LENE NEW Birds Nest Box

The packaging were also redesigned into an oriental design based on the origins of bird’s nest instead of the minimalistic plain white packaging of before as well as updating its brand colours and website to reflect the oriental design and inform consumers about the origins of birds’ nest without sacrificing the quality of its products.

Stemming from the belief that “beauty begins from within”, LENE aims to be at the pinnacle of modern wellness lifestyles with its high quality bird’s nest. LENE continues to use only 100% pure luxurious quality bird’s nest (yan zhan) sustainably harvested from their own farm, brewed upon order with monk fruit extract and distilled water.


Each bottle has a 1.5g dry weight unadulterated taste of nutritional bird’s nest which is clearly seen through the fine, intact strands of the bird’s nests. This is equivalent to generous chunks of 50-60g cooked bird’s nests you can find inside each bottle.

Furher, LENE’s product contains no sugar with only a subtle sweetness from monk fruit (luo han guo) which further aids in the anti-aging and is a perfect healthier alternative. Each bottle of bird’s nest undergoes a double boiling method to ensure that nutrients are best extracted and retained.

LENE bird’s nest is available in classic bottle of 6 (S$158.00) or Subscription 4 weeks (S$528.00 with box, S$488.00 without box).

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