Hot! Boucheron 2023 High Jewellery collection, “Histoire De Style, Like a Queen”

BOUCHERON 16-9_Like a Queen_ Mega Pink double clip brooch

When Princess Elizabeth turned eighteen in 1944, she received a Boucheron aquamarine and diamond double clip brooch, a piece of jewelry that joined the British Royal Family on July 31, 1937 through Prince George, Duke of Kent, who purchased it from the Boucheron boutique in London. Seven years later, the family gave it to Princess Elizabeth for her eighteenth birthday.

Throughout her reign, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, wore it on a number of occasions, most notably including her Diamond Jubilee on June 5, 2012; on May 8, 2020, for the 75th anniversary of the speech by George VI announcing the end of World War II; and on the 70th anniversary of her coronation on February 6, 2022. In 2020, Claire Choisne, Creative Director of Boucheron, decided to take inspiration from this unique piece to create a High Jewelry collection reinterpreting the famous Art Deco design through eighteen contemporary new designs.

Boucheron 1

Inspired by Queen Elizabeth’s distinctive style, formidable character and effervescent presence, Claire Choisne thought it most fitting to work with this particular design and to bring it up-to-date in a collection that surpasses all genres.

“Being able to wear a piece in a number of ways, as well as the use of color, were central to our work on this collection, so that both men and women may wear these pieces. We wanted these eighteen variations to reflect the ease with which the original was worn, since the two clips may be attached in various ways, on their own or together. We also wanted this collection to convey the elegance distinctive of this Art Deco piece.” said  Claire Choisne, Creative Director of Boucheron


Thus, each piece of this Histoire de Style line reflects the unique spirit of the two cerulean clips. A cherry ruby necklace, a pink tourmaline brooch, an azure aquamarine cuff bracelet, earrings adorned with lush emeralds… Histoire de Style, Like a Queen stands out with its monochrome plays on joyful, intense colors, inspired by the spirit of the bright outfits that Queen Elizabeth famously wore.

Like a story told through eighteen chapters, Histoire de Style, Like a Queen transcends its initial objective – to construct a full High Jewelry collection inspired by a single piece – and offers a glimpse of the true genius behind its design.

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