Hot! Experiment with Customizable Jewelry at Carrie K.’s New Atelier

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CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Local jeweler Carrie K. prides herself on creating meaningful jewelry for both special occasions and everyday wear. After 8 years at the National Design Centre, Carrie K. now calls 77B Neil Road home, boasting an intimate experience where you can try on gemstones or build a statement piece to add to your collection.

Step into the luxurious atelier, which houses a curation of Carrie K.’s popular collections and features a Jewel Bar, a Pearl Bar, and an intimate VIP lounge for bespoke consultations. The atelier is designed by Wellington-based designer Priscilla Tan, who is inspired by the idea of a heritage home where guests feel welcome and relaxed when browsing for their next piece.

Taking the leap of faith and buying your first luxury jewelry piece can be quite intimidating for some, and the Jewel Bar is the perfect starting point for those who are looking to find their personal style. The Jewel Bar consists of a ring and earrings section, where the signature Carrie K. pieces were created as modular designs that can be worn alone as everyday pieces or stacked, twisted, and paired together to create stunning pieces for special occasions.

Interior Display

A single gemstone band can be transformed into a statement pieces with the addition of the Open Star Ring, where it layers a ring of studded stones around the centerpiece. The high ceilings and windows allow plenty of natural light to enter, where you can admire and get a feel of how certain pieces might look on you.

The Pearl Bar is another highlight at the Carrie K Atelier. Learn about the pearl shapes and colours, which comes in various shades of white, cream, blush, to a dashing grey. Just like how makeup can appear differently on various skin tones, the color of pearls can either complement or appear striking against your skin tone. Just like the rest of Carrie K.’s jewelry, their pearls come outfitted with the keyhole mechanism where you can add on accessories or even link together multiple chains and strings of pearls for a layered necklace. If you have a pearl necklace that was passed down from a relative or doesn’t suit you any longer, bring it along on your next visit and they will be happy to breathe a new life into it.

Lotus Jade Coin Drop with Lotus Ear Stud

Jewelry also plays a big part in big milestones, especially weddings in particular. Carrie K. has launched a Modern Si Dian Jin collection, which includes pearls, jade, and the latest trend – colored gemstone sets. The Modern Si Dian Jin pieces exude a simple, understated elegance that’s made for the modern bride to wear not only on her wedding day, but everyday after.

Join the Diamond & Gem Workshop to discover tips on choosing a diamond, as well as exploring all the various gemstones for those who want a more unique ring. Led by the inhouse jeweler, try on various cuts and gem sizes to find your dream ring. The Morse Bling collection is an interesting collection that adds a subtle meaning to your ring, with diamond dots and dashes to symbolize initials or letters. The diamond dots can be incorporated around a simple band or around a gemstone, with customizable matching earrings and bangles to keep your loved ones close to your heart.

Step into Carrie K.’s world of sophistication and timeless elegance, where each piece has its own personality. This one’s for the modern lady, who wants meaningful and unique pieces that is versatile for every occasion.

Carrie K. is located at 77B Neil Road, Level 3, Singapore 088903. Open daily from 11am to 7pm.

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