Hot! Loro Piana Medfield Bomber & Vest Spring/Summer 2022

Loro Piana

Loro Piana presents two new products from the Spring Summer 2022 Collection, exclusively designed for the South Asia market: the Medfield Bomber and Vest. Proposed for man, these very casual pieces are characterized by a light-weight, unlined construction with a relaxed fit.

The Medfield Bomber and Vest are especially made in Wind bio teamed with cotton jersey and treated with Storm System. The Wind bio is produced using bio-based nylon, a yarn based on polymers of natural origin, above all castor seeds, which come from a spontaneously occurring plant and therefore do not occupy land that could be used for food crops.

Loro Piana Medfield Bomber & Vest

The two garments are also crafted with the special 3L technique: the outer layer is in Wind microfibre, the middle layer is in Storm System micromolecular membrane, and the inner layer is in a super-fine stretch cotton jersey. The resulting fabric is extremely light-weight, waterproof and wind-resistant.

The color palette offers bright notes of Sky Blue, Green Mint and Hibiscus, and more formal shades such as Blue Navy. Attention to detail is also one of Loro Piana’s stylistic hallmarks: the bomber jacket and the vest, in facts, feature contrasting kummel-colored zip and heat-sealed tapes in a contrasting colour that seal the stitching and protects against the penetration of water.

The Medfield Bomber and Vest are now available in selected Loro Piana boutiques in South Asia.

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