Hot! OliveAnkara Launches Sustainable AJO AYE ‘21 Collection


Slow fashion label OliveAnkara makes a green leap forward with AJO AYE ‘21, their first sustainable, Afro-Asian fusion collection for women. The Yorùbá phrase translates to ‘Colourful Journey’ and expands on the tone that founder and designer Ify Ubby has established in the past four years.

The collection debuts OliveAnkara Original prints on TENCEL Lyocell eco-fabrics, in ensembles featuring the brand’s iconic silhouettes.

AJO AYE transcends the boundaries of geographic separation, and embodies the beginning of a brighter dawn and new age. Ideating fusion between elegant Japanese motifs and vivid Ankara styles and colours, the collection sees two OliveAnkara Original prints created in collaboration with textile designers, Hyun-Jin Yoo and Patrizia Bosisio.

Olive Ankara

AJO AYE 21 presents 22 pieces tailored to impeccable silhouettes, exuding comfort, freedom and energy. Each piece shines light on feminine icons in history and mythology of Yorùbá and Japan, with the main inspiration being the element of water.

Woven into the collection, from its silhouettes to energy, are YEMOJA, the Yorùbá water goddess, mother of oceans, rivers and feminie mysteries, and SUI, the Japanese water element representing flow and change.

Fresh and versatile, the Sakuya-Hime one-shoulder mini dress introduces the blossom princess of Shinto, a symbol of delicate earthy life and avatar of Japanese life. Crafted with the Asa Hana print, the sleek, asymmetrical construction comes with tie up strings on the side.

SAKUYA-HIME One Shoulder Dress

The lion dance pants Mu Guiying, who is a legendary Chinese heroine known for her extraordinary martial arts and dedication to family and country. The symbolism of the Asa Hana print is further bolstered by the lion-dance style, as the ritual is performed to bring luck.

Ewa Naibu flows like the pure, undulating waves of water in Suijin. The afromono dress is kindled by the Japanese mythology surrounding the Shinto god, the benevolent divinity of water.

Beauty, grace and strength is embodied in Moremi Ajsaro, a flowy number named after the legendary Yorùbá queen. Fabled to have liberated the Yoruba kingdom of Ifẹ̀in the 12th century, she changed the destinies of her people in one brave swoop.

OliveAnkara AJO AYE 21 collection is available at the OliveAnkara Showroom (#01-02, 79 Chay Yan Street, Tiong Bahru, Singapore 160079, +65 8833 3427) and online 

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