Hot! republiqe Launches Spice Girls Capsule in Celebration of Wannabe25 EP Digital Release

Spice Girls

Digital clothing brand republiqe has launched exclusive Spice Girls capsule digital fashion collection to celebrate the iconic band’s digital release of the Wannabe25 EP through this girl power collection. This also marks the start of republiqe’s epoch themed creations – from 90s revival to a Y2K inspired collection in September.

Spice Girls is one of the most influential music groups in the history of pop culture. The girl band played a key role in contributing to the 90s trend that defined the decade. Fashion, music and individualistic female personas shaped the pursuit of girl power for millennials, and with Gen Z’s love for 90s style, republiqe’s ingenious idea was to capture the essence of that era in a contemporary form.

By bridging both generations’ shared passion of the nostalgic era and reminiscing the heyday of Spice Girls, republiqe hopes the collection created is what you want, what you really really want.

The exclusive Spice Girls collection consists of 5 looks, with a limited edition of 25 pieces for each look and is available for purchase online

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