Hot! Rimowa Unveils Special-Edition Space Inspired Suitcase


Rimowa has launched the Original Cabin Moon, a boundary-pushing version of the Original suitcase that sees its iconic grooved aluminium skin reimagined to mimic the surface of the moon.

A continuation of the intergalactic odyssey started by RIMOWA’s Mars and Mercury collection earlier this year, the new Original Cabin Moon is a special-edition piece available in extremely limited quantities. With only 750 numbered models produced to mark the 750,000 km round trip journey between the brand’s headquarters in Cologne and the moon on the date of its launch, this exclusive design promises to become a collector’s item amongst the fashion-forward and space-obsessed.

Original Cabin Moon

To achieve its detailed pattern inscription, each shape in the luggage’s structure has been incorporated into the design to add visual focal points for a sense of depth and authenticity. The result is a sophisticated pattern that mirrors the moon’s cratered landscape. The gleaming shell contrasts with the red and white detailing along the suitcase and the white leather luggage tag with red edging, a colour choice that subtly pays homage to astronauts’ space suits.

Like all Rimowa Original suitcases, each special-edition suitcase includes an anodised aluminium badge with engraved Rimowa logo. In addition, it features the pioneering Rimowa multiwheel system, which guarantees stable and effortless steering.

The Rimowa Original Cabin Moon will be available from 10 November onwards at Rimowa stores worldwide

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