Hot! Shoe Trends Breakdown by International Footwear Exhibition MICAM Milano


CONTENT: Henry Boen

Shoe manufacturers, footwear buyers and international experts will converge at the upcoming 86th edition of MICAM Milano – the international footwear exhibition – in the modern grounds of Fiera Milano (Rho Fiera) from 16 to 19 September 2018.

With over 44,000 visitors at the last edition where 60% hail from overseas, coupled with over 1,300 exhibitors where 40% come from overseas, MICAM Milano is the world’s leading footwear exhibition. The exhibition has become the hub for new footwear manufacturer launches, a space to socialise and build strong business relationships and the stepping-stone for their global expansion.

MICAM Milano 86, themed as “Envy”, centers on the chamber of deadly sins where the spirit of envy entwines with the alluring fascination for a luxury surrounded by a bed of earthly bliss. Unravelling the breath of fresh air and stylistic profusion propagated by shoes, MICAM Milano 86 captures the portrayal of two women locked in a battle for possession of beauty and style of their shoes, as they chase and circle around each other with claw-like hands and ungainly bodies.

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Shoe Trends for Spring/Summer 2019 at MICAM Milano
Spanning across three themes – In Touch, Common Ground and Creative Manifesto – the Spring/Summer 2019 MICAM Milano shoe trends are inspired by meditation and personal well-being. In a colour palette that elicits positive mood, fun and funky Bohemian trend abounds with retro detailing, oozing summer vibes and sparking visions of faraway places. While the search of authenticity trend takes the form of timeless accessories, prints and patterns, representing the desire to take a stance and fight for one’s convictions.


Trend #1: In Touch – Women, Kids (Right)
One of the most introspective themes for Spring/Summer 2019, In Touch focuses on personal well-being. Inspired by meditation and colour therapy, accessories, jewelry and shoes are designed in shades that elicit a positive mood, while shoe shapes are minimalist and almost conceptual. Especially pleasing to touch, this generation of footwear materials create a shimmery watered effect and produce bold and unusual nuances, when combined with warm hues.

Trend #1: In Touch – Men, Kids (Left)
Together with references to the world of technology, physical and mental well-being inspire In Touch, where classic forms and shapes are revisited to create a flexible and functional design. The wide colour palette uses tones and prints to create a calming effect, while light and bright colours contrast with the finishing materials. Bringing forth a sense of tranquility, the curated selection of nuances influences the mood of the wearer and induce a new sense of spiritual well-being. The brighter tones give an almost chromatic effect, while soft pastels intermix to create subtle delicate contrasts.


Trend #2: Common Ground – Women, Kids (Right)
Common Ground is the desire to return to one’s origins and reconnect with one’s roots and traditions. Looking back over the decade from the ‘90s to the beginning of the 2000s, the Bohemian trend from this stylistically productive period returns to the scene with references to pictorial art and interior design, and a colour palette of warm, earthy tones is offset by brighter shades to create a sumptuous, luxurious look.

Trend #2: Common Ground – Men, Kids (Left)
Common Ground takes inspiration from the artistic and individualistic expression of man. A romantic trip along the coast with a summery atmosphere conjures up visions of American landscapes with retro-inspired motifs and patterns. Reminiscent of a golden sunset over the ocean, Common Ground’s colour palette ranges from gold to red, and from yellow to the deep blue sea.


Trend #3: Creative Manifesto – Women, Kids (Right)
In an increasingly politicized world, Creative Manifesto celebrates the progress towards taking a stance and making a difference. The designs reveal the will to emerge and fight for what you believe in, while the palette of bold hues is further intensified by a range of strong military tones and neutral, softer shades.

Trend #3: Creative Manifesto – Men, Kids (Left)
Representing the search for authenticity by breaking the rules and combatting global unrest and disorder through collaboration and creativity, Creative Manifesto captures the timeless essence of shoes and the youth culture in accessories. The colour palette is dominated by a deep sense of optimism and action, combining military colours with vibrant primary shades to create a transpersonal appeal.

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