Hot! Singapore Jewelry and Gem Fair 2016: Shine Brighter than the Stars

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

Over 100 jewelry designers including international manufacturers and private boutiques from different parts of the world exhibited at the recently concluded Singapore Jewelry and Gem Fair 2016. Marina Bay Sands was full of bright smiles; glitz and glamour as wide array of stunning jewelry were showcased.

Organized by UBM Asia, over 100 upcoming designers, international manufacturers and private boutiques exhibited at the fair, held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre from the 4-7th of November 2016. The exhibit featured an elegant display of handcrafted jewelries, either first-time pieces that were to be viewed or brought. The exhibit included jewelry and gems from all over the world; some of them include Peranakan-themed jewelry from Foundation Jewelers, pieces from Italian jeweler Famosi Singapore and timeless jewels from Revival Vintage Jewels and Objects. Apart from these exorbitant pieces, a wide array of jewelries at varying prices were available to suit any budget and taste of the modern lady.

Singapore Jewelry Gem Fair 2016

The Big Three
Widely known as the top atelier producing the finest handmade Peranakan jewelry in Singapore, Foundation Jewelers exhibited one of their masterpieces- a unique Peranakan silver belt with a phoenix-motif buckle and a stylish tiara shaped brooch. Both pieces are encrusted in brilliant-cut diamonds, set in 18-carat yellow gold as a symbol of the grandeur of royalty.

Having an extraordinary love for beautiful and rare timeless pieces in Southeast Asia, Revival Vintage Jewels and Objects featured a stunning diamond double clip brooch designed as a scrolling baguette and circular-cut ribbon by Trabert Hoeffer Mauboussin. The brooch’s seamlessly timeless allure dates back to the 1940s.

A collaboration between Fabio Cascapera and Rosalind Lim produced Oro D’ Italia, a multi-brand jewelry retail platform that only brings in 100% authentic jewelry made in Italy. They play host to popular Italian brands such as TODINI, Santagostino and Massimo Ripa, all of which are new to Singapore’s jewelry market. Some of their jewelry includes wearable jewelry that can be part of art pieces at home, or animal-themed pieces that would appeal to Chinese customers as part of their beliefs about animals.

Big Three

Tip of the gem
This year’s competition for “The Singapore Jewelry Design Award” challenged students from different countries to create captivating yet commercially viable jewelry for the everyday contemporary woman.

The list of the 2016 winners are:
Ms Liubov Klivitkina from The Moscow State University of Design and Technology who managed to clinch the Day and Night category.
Ms Abigail Cutaran from The University of The Philippines who won the Past and Future category.
Ms Lee Yu Chien from the Taiwan Jewelry Arts institute.

“Young Designers play such a big role in refreshing the jewelry industry with a fresh modern outlook on the development of new designs. Their artistic creativity will one day change the industry and bring innovative designs to life. Through these awards, we hope to tap into the raw talent of the millennials and recognize these promising young designers by providing them the opportunity to display their unique skills and designs to the world.” Said Charles Ho, Managing Director of On Cheong Company Pte Ltd and President of the Singapore Jewelers Association.


The Art of the Craft
Throughout the 4 day event, a series of seminars and workshops were designed to educate visitors about the latest trends in the jewelry and gemstone design scene. The seminars featured prominent figures and experts such as Tanja Sadow, Dean and Director of Jewelry Design and Management International School who covered insights and discussed new developments and changes over the years in the gem mining industry. Panissara Navasamakkarnanja, an instructor of GIA education, taught the crowd about the type of pearls one could find in the market, the 7 value factors used by GIA to classify pearls and how to properly maintain them.

We were pleasantly surprised by the intricate detail, design and undoubtedly the amount of effort that has been placed into crafting the exquisite jewelry being displayed at the fair. Congratulations to the awardees of the Singapore Jewelry Design Award 2016 and we hope to see everyone again at the Singapore Jewelry and Gem Fair 2017.

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