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CONTENT: Andrew Kho / Yiew Kai Jie
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Created by a burning passion for adventuring and exploring the unknown, Topologie was created by mountain climbers who wanted to share their passion for wanderlusting to different parts of the globe and highlights every individual’s search for their own place in the world and to achieve self-actualisation.

Inspired by rock-climbing gear, Topologie believes that every day in the city is a new opportunity for exploration and takes the aesthetics of functional objects to create practical accessories. The brand is guided by the principle of non-wastage as each item serves an individual purpose and acts as the exact solution for a specific situation without causing unnecessary wastage. Led by these unique design principles, Topologie aims to create pragmatic yet stylish objects for their users.

With this in mind, the brand further elevates their brand with their Water Repellent Topologie Dry Series which is very convenient and perfect to bring around at any time of the day.

Pouch Dry

Tinbox Pouch Dry
Price: S$68

Following the resurgence of the fanny pack trend that has taken the fashion world by storm, Topologie’s Tinbox Pouch Dry promises to be a practical and durable bag for travelers who prefer to travel light and are constantly on the go. The bag is able to hold the bare necessities of the everyday man such as a smartphone, wallet, keys and other objects so long as they are not bigger than a person’s hand. It is also resistant against scratching or tearing as it is capable of withstanding hits against sharp or rough objects and getting away without any damage to its body.

However, the most impressive aspect of this bag is the ability to hold heavy objects without hindering the user either by causing rope burns or leaving any nasty imprints on the user’s skin depending on where the weight of the bag is focused on. Users can also attach additional items to the bag using a carabiner without fear of damaging the bag.

Weekend Duffel Bag

Weekend Duffel Dry
Price: S$179

We loved the fact that the Weekend Duffel Dry can be carried 3 ways, either as shoulder, backpack or handheld. The bag is large enough to place your essentials for your short weekend getaways. Having a waterproof fabric is another advantage as you can bring this bag whether in Land, Air or Sea, not to mention that the side snap buttons is able to compress the bag to smaller form should you be carrying only light. This Duffel Bag is the perfect bag you must have when you travel.

The most impressive aspect of this bag is the water repellent zipper which ensures that not a single drop of water is able to penetrate through the bag and ruin your precious valuables inside.Talk about convenience, users will also benefit from the two external pockets for quick access storage as well as two internal pockets to put your small items.

Ransel Backpack

Ransel Backpack Dry
Price: S$ 146

Do you love backpacks but worried that it might not be suitable in a professional setting or sometimes its not suitable for daily use? Topologie’s Polyurethane-coated 600D Polyester and Polyurethane-coated poly-canvas, Ransel Backpack Dry, the smaller version of the brand’s Satchel Backpack is the perfect versatile bag suitable for daily use and yet still fit into professional setting. The bag lets you put all your everyday essentials and is able to fit your MacBook Air / Pro 13.3” or any equivalent laptop size, thanks to its padded compartment.

It is full of details such as the uninterrupted waterproof PU lid to protect your valuables and files. The unisex look allows either man or woman to carry it in style. It also has compartments to put your small items and documents. The bag also features quick-access pocket to place either your phone, wallet or other small items.

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