Five Must Visit Places to Wine and Dine in Tasmania, Australia

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This year end, what better way to unwind than to embark on a relaxing getaway, far away from the bustling city and surrounded with nature. The perfect escape for a digital detox, Tasmania is a secluded island nestled in the south of Australia, offering breathtaking views, nature landscapes, and gourmet eats. Blessed with an abundance of natural produce from the valleys to the sea, Tasmania is a little-known haven for food adventures.

Planning on a trip to the Down Under? From Aboriginal cuisine to Tasmanian vineyards and more, here are some of the best places to wine and dine in Tasmania.

Palawa Kipli

No trip to Australia is complete without trying authentic Aboriginal cuisine. Make sure to visit palawa kipli, the one and only Aboriginal food business in Tasmania. In palawa kani, the Tasmanian Aboriginal language, ‘palawa’ means ‘Tasmanian Aborigine’, and ‘kipli’ means ‘food’. 100% operated and owned by Aboriginal people, you can only expect the most authentic palawa cuisine served here. To make the most out of your trip, go on a guided tour with palawa kipli, which brings guests on a journey to learn more about palawa culture and history. Book a 90-minute bush walk and discover the rich Tasmanian landscape, discover palawa history and culture, and end off with a tasting of palawa cuisine.

Bream Creek Cellar Door

For a romantic wine tasting session, head down to Bream Creek Vineyard, well known as the pioneer of the modern Tasmanian wine industry. Located within the Bream Creek Vineyard, the cellar door is an idyllic place offering spectacular views as it overlooks Marion Bay, Maria Island and Hellfire Bluff. The vineyard produces a wide range of elegant and complex wines — make sure to book a wine tasting session to explore the wines, paired with a platter of local Tasmanian cheeses.

Tolpuddle Vineyard

As an island abound with stretches of untouched land and temperate climates, Tasmania is arguably one of the best environments for winemaking. Amongst one of the heritage vineyards in Tasmania is Tolpuddle Vineyard, which produces exceptional Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines. With Tasmania’s mineral rich-soil, characterised by its light silica and moderate vigour, it’s no surprise that the wines produced by Tolpuddle Vineyard are exceptionally well-balanced in terms of flavour.

The Agrarian 10 - Image credit_ Tourism Australia

IMAGE: Tourism Australia

Jansz Tasmania

Solely devoted to producing sparkling wines, Jansz Tasmania is the place to go for bubbles. A pride of Tasmania, Jansz Tasmania is a multiple award-winning winemaker that embodies the Tasmanian way of life, while staying true to traditional winemaking methods. They are most well-known for the Jansz Tasmania Premium Cuvée, which won the trophy at the 2012 Decanter World Wine Awards. Meanwhile, five of their sparkling wines were recently awarded above 90 points at the 2024 Halliday Wine Companion awards. To get a taste of their exemplary wines, book a visit to the Jansz Wine room for an intimate wine tasting session.

Agrarian Kitchen Guiden Garden Tours

Perhaps the best way to fully experience the breathtaking landscapes of Tasmania is to reconnect with nature and explore the lush greenery. Experience living an agrarian lifestyle with Agrarian Kitchen, offering visitors garden tours, cooking masterclasses, and lifestyle workshops. At their cooking school, visitors can enjoy a farm-to-kitchen experience where they can try their hand at various food preparation experiences including gardening, butchery and cooking.

A holistic destination dedicated to the agrarian lifestyle, Agrarian Kitchen has something for everyone to experience — from learning how to break down a carcass in butchery to assembling your own charcuterie board in cooking classes and more.

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