Hot! Soup Restaurant Celebrates 31st Anniversary during September with Limited Edition Heritage Set Menus

Soup Restaurant

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Soup Restaurant prides itself on their classic dishes like Sam Sui Chicken and traditional boiled soups, so it’s only befitting that their 31st celebration menus feature Singapore heritage dishes.

The Anniversary Set Menu is priced from S$78 for 2 persons and 4 dishes. With every additional pax, more dishes are added so gather your friends and family to enjoy a feast on the tastebuds. The set menu starts with a Double-boiled Waisan and Ginseng Roots with Pork Loin Soup, a slightly bitter soup that surprisingly felt nourishing.

The other dishes were then all served together, and we were treated to a feast that of course included Soup Restaurant’s signature Sam Sui Chicken. The cool chicken was steamed with light soya sauce, and was slightly addicting when drenched in their Samsui Ginger Sauce. The thick ginger slices and cucumber slices give the chicken a refreshing crunch and burst of flavour.

We also enjoyed the Tofu Prawn, where fresh, succulent prawns (de-shelled too for that extra convenience factor!) came soaking in chilli crab sauce and chunks of eggy tofu. It was like the prawn rendition of our favourite Chilli Crab dish, although I loved the fresh bite of the prawn as there were definitely no frozen prawns being used here! The sauce was also delicious when eaten with the Hometown Fried Rice, which came with Chinese Sausage, mini fried dried shrimp, and crunchy long beans.

But if it was one dish that we would come back for is the Truffle Honey Pork Chop, a sweet and savoury dish with the added pungent fragrance of truffle in the sauce elevated the dish into an indulgent version of pork chops. A shoutout to the oyster and shimeji mushrooms, which soaked up all the leftover truffle sauce for a double mushroom assuage on my tastebuds.

After all the flavourful dishes, the Red Tea Jelly with Aloe Vera was a nice palate cleanser. The flowery fragrant dome-shaped jelly was filled with juicy aloe bits that nicely rounded up the meal.

Soup Restaurant Samsui Ginger Chicken

The other Celebration Set Menu is priced from S$98 for 2 persons, and features highlight dishes like Crab Meat with Fish Maw Soup, Cereal Prawns, Double Yolk Crispy Egg with Silken Tofu, and Steamed Uncle Lapan Fish with Samsui Ginger Sauce.

Both sets end the meal with Soup Restaurant’s Mini Longevity Buns, a fluffy bun filled with lotus paste that mimics the shape of the longevity peach. The small buns are warm and fluffy, and is a sweet way to end the meal.

As with all celebrations, we love promotions. Self-pickup orders get a free Singa Bao with a minimum spend of S$150, while OCBC cardholders enjoy S$5 off with a minimum spend of S$50. All promotions are while stocks last!

The Anniversary and Celebration sets are both available at all Soup Restaurants island-wide from now till 30 September 2022.

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