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With staycations being an alternative to the travel restrictions, fast-growing global hotel daytime booking platform Dayuse recently launched in Singapore, offering luxury rooms to boutique hotels available for booking at various time slots for a few hours between 6am to 11pm.

This new platform gives users the unparalleled flexibility to book without credit card, paying upon checking and cancel for free up to the very last minute across 100 hotels in Singapore and over 25 countries with up to 75% off for an overnight stay and an option to top-up for an array of curated experiences and a package of your choice.

Sounds too good to be true? We interviewed David Lebée, Founder of the daystaycation concept Dayuse as he shares with us more about the platform and his future plans for the brand.


Luxe Society Asia: Could you share more on your background (like what you were doing) before you started Dayuse?

I graduated from the culinary school, Ferrandi, in France and started working in restaurants and hotels when I was 16. After a few years, I decided to switch to being a wedding planner as I loved the idea of celebrating love! But I just missed being in hotels so when the opportunity to rekindle my first love presented itself, I jumped on it and have never looked back since. Throughout my career, I worked at different hotels and was responsible for the operations of major hotel groups and boutique ones in France. This is when I realised that there was a growing trend for daytime hotel bookings and decided to branch out on my own.

Luxe Society Asia: To all those who still doesn’t know or heard of your platform, could you share what is Dayuse and how does it work?

Dayuse is the pioneering platform for guests to book a daycation at a hotel of their choice in their own city. Dayuse gives guests access to the best hotels during the day at a fraction of the price of an overnight stay, enabling them to live an on-demand experience.

Dayuse provides access to hotel rooms and its amenities from as early as 6am till 11pm. It offers flexibility, premium service to consumers and provides good value as prices are at least 30% and up to 75% lower compared to an overnight stay. It’s the ultimate way for locals and travellers alike to unwind, indulge in a luxury getaway and enjoy all the services of a hotel including room service, the swimming pool, jacuzzi and the rooftop bar and more.…

Luxe Society Asia: How & what made you decide to conceptualize and establish Dayuse?

As a former hotelier, I noticed that consumption trends were evolving among travellers. Living fast-paced lifestyles, urbanites were looking for a different getaway experience, something that is more affordable and geographically closer to where they are. At the same time, hotels in the vicinity remained unoccupied between check out and check in time. I was convinced that local tourism would be key to unlocking new revenues for hoteliers and give access to daycations for consumers.

Luxe Society Asia: What sets Dayuse apart from other travel platforms?

We are the original daytime booking platform that offers a new form of local tourism. Apart from offering a unique portfolio and a curation of the best hotels, what sets Dayuse apart is its concept: that is, we provide access to hotels for use during times when hotels are unoccupied, costing a fraction of an overnight stay. We believe the daytime is when you can make the most of the room, the amenities as well as services, so guests can choose a workcation, break away from the daily mundanity to recharge and relax or spend quality time with their loved ones – the options are endless!

Currently, Dayuse has more than 7,000 hotel partners in more than 26 markets globally and is poised for expansion in the next few years.


Luxe Society Asia: In terms of price competitiveness, how competitive is Dayuse rates compared to the other full day travel platforms?

It offers a lot of flexibility, free cancellation up to the last minute and prices are up to 75% less expensive than an overnight stay. We are also the only daytime platform available in 26 countries with such a qualitative portfolio.

Luxe Society Asia: What are the exclusive benefits and promotions users can find in your platform?

Users can benefit from hotel rooms at discounted rates (up to 75%) but also exclusive deals for add-ons, whether it is a bottle of champagne, a meal or a chocolate-making workshop, the possibilities are endless!

Luxe Society Asia: Where do you see Dayuse few years from now?

We launched staycation offers, overnight packages with pools, saunas and top restaurants, to live a new travel experience in your own city. Our ambition is to evolve the platform beyond just offering hotel rooms and amenities, but also different local services that tailor to a variety of profiles and needs – whether you are alone, with your partner, family or friend, or for work. We want to make hotels fun for all!

Luxe Society Asia: Is Dayuse currently only available in Singapore? If yes, do you plan to expand in other countries?

Dayuse is currently available across 26 markets including Taiwan and Hong Kong and we have plans to expand in the near term.

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