Hot! A Taste of Mie Prefecture at Gary’s Rochester Drive

MIE x Gary's Group

CONTENT: Adriel Yong

Tucked amidst the black and white colonial bungalows in Rochester Drive is Gary’s – a contemporary Italian restaurant amidst the lush greenery. The two-storey restaurant typically serves a range of pastas, meats, and a luscious Italian tiramisu. For a limited time only, Gary’s is collaborating with Mie Prefecture in Japan to create a special menu that will bring the best of the seaside province to bear. While Japan seems far off from Italy, the premium seafood ingredients found in Mie Prefecture have been used extensively in French and Italian restaurants as well. Let’s dig in.

A beauty to the eyes and to the palate is the Spicy Miso Pork Tomahawk. Paired with a delicious garlic wine sauce, this is one dish you would need to share with your friends. In case you are still hungry after going through the slab of premium pork, the board is also served with baked potatoes, vegetables and garlic wine sauce.

Mie Ise Ebi with Ponzu Caviar Sauce

Mie Prefecture is known for its seafood given its proximity to the sea. The Mie Isa Ebi with Ponzu Caviar Sauce reveals a tender and sweet flesh with every bite. The steamed gigantic prawn measuring more than 40cm is served with dollops of caviar and complemented with a refreshing lemon dressing and ponzu. Don’t mistake this for a lobster, the residents of Mie Prefecture might just be offended given how deeply respected this prawn is. If the antennae is damaged, they are rarely shipped to the market.

While most people are familiar with udons that have a chewy bite, the freshly made udon from Mie Prefecture is silky smooth soft and 1cm thick. The Ise Udon with Truffle Cream is incredibly easy to slurp down with every fork. The fragrant white truffle paste makes you want more with every mouthful and the accompanying thick broth is made from tamari soy sauce. This is a dish packed with umami yet well balanced.

Another seafood highlight of the Mie Prefecture is their black cod fish that is cooked with their Mie Spicy Miso Cod Fish. The cod fish melts in your mouth with its high fat content. The Black Cod is also served with a seafood sauce, wakame and cress.

Mie Spicy Miso Octopus

If you are a fan of octopus, this signature Mie Spicy Miso Octopus is not to be missed. The slow cooked octopus is marinated with a special Machiya Miso from Mie Prefecture. The spicy Machiya Miso is less salty that other typical misos. The octopus is marinated with it with sake, sugar and garlic overnight before grilling to bring out the rich flavours. Diners are then served the beautifully grilled octopus with citrus salsa and capsicum colis.

To end off the tour de force of the ocean, enjoy the subtle taste of koji sake laced in a seemingly ordinary vanilla gelato in the Mie Koji Ice Cream. The Japanese love the koji drink for its high nutritional value and skin nourishing effects. While the ice cream might not be as sumptuous as the tiramisu you would typically find at Gary’s, the Koji Ice Cream will top off the meal just as well.

Now that you have tasted a sliver of what the abundant Mie Prefecture has to offer, be sure to catch the next flight to the Kansai region of Honshu. Besides feasting on their incredibly fresh seafood, check out the Ise Jingu, Iga Ueno Castle, Futamiura Park and the ancient pilgrimage trail Kumano Kodo. In the meantime, head down to Rochester Drive for a taste of Mie at Gary’s. 

This limited collaboration will only last from 12 October to 15 November 2022. Reservation can be made Online 

41 Rochester Drive Singapore 138582
Tel: +65 8920 0200
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm (Tues – Sun) Last orders 2:15pm and 10:15pm, Closed Mon

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