Admire the Riverfront View at Seafood Paradise’s Newest Outlet

Crisp-fried Baby Squid

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Honouring Singapore’s culinary legacy, Seafood Paradise opens its newest outpost at Clarke Quay, flanked by the relaxing view of the Singapore River. A shining emblem of the Paradise Group, this local favourite has been delighting seafood enthusiasts since 2002 with an inventive suite of Singapore-style dishes.

Seafood Paradise began its journey as an unassuming 25-seater coffee shop at Defu Lane, growing exponentially owing to its compelling repertoire of tantalising, locally-inspired seafood creations. With the opening of the Clarke Quay branch, patrons can relish in familiar yet elevated distinctive seafood dishes.

Signature Creamy Butter Crab topped with Coconut Crumbs

Signature Dishes
As I saw the range of seafood swimming around in the huge tanks, I immediately asked where the crabs were from. Afterall, no visit to Seafood Paradise is complete without sampling its popular Signature Creamy Butter Sri Lankan Crab ($10.80 per 100g). This delectable creation, boasting a beautiful blend of curry leaves, white pepper, lemongrass, and chilli padi-infused sauce, takes centre stage with firm, sweet-savoury Sri Lankan crab meat accentuated by a topping of coconut crumbs. I must emphasise here that the Sri Lankan crabs were incredibly fleshy, even in the body and legs. Those that did not manage to get a claw did not have a difficult time extracting the chunks of white flesh from other parts of the crab.

However, if you prefer something more classic, equally compelling is the Singapore-style Chilli Crab ($10.80 per 100g). The dish presents sumptuous Sri Lankan mud crabs drenched in a harmonious combination of sweetness, spiciness, and tanginess. The Chilli Crab is not complete without golden brown fluffy mantous, a must to mop up every last drop of the scrumptious sauces.

Popular Singapore Style Chilli Crab

Introducing New Creations
Not a crab lover? Don’t fret. The customer favourites extend to the Baked Jade Perch with Sea Salt (S$8.80 per 100g) – a plateful of delicate, freshwater fish lightly seasoned with sea salt. Served with a side of green chillies, it highlights the Jade Perch’s unmistakable freshness.

A good way to identify the skill of a seafood restaurant is to see how the non-seafood dishes fare. We were not let down by the thoughtfully prepared Crispy Phoenix Chicken ((S$23.80 half, S$46.80 whole), another highpoint of our gastronomic exploration. An ode to home-style cooking, the preparation involves careful deskinning, drying, and frying the chicken skin to a stunning crisp, followed by an array of minced chicken and squid. It’s a testament to their commitment to quality, as each piece of chicken skin yields only two portions.

Crispy Phoenix Chicken

Concluding Thoughts
From its modest beginnings to becoming an illustrious establishment, Seafood Paradise indeed lives up to its name. Their innovative approach to seafood and dedication to freshness is second to none. The dynamic chefs continually strive to enhance both the taste and visual presentation of the traditional dishes, making every meal at Seafood Paradise a unique and enjoyable experience.

With a cosy ambience designed for comfort, elegance, and modernity, Seafood Paradise creates a convivial space suitable for personal gatherings or corporate events. For those seeking a stellar dining experience paired with scenic views, Seafood Paradise at Clarke Quay certainly checks off all the boxes.

Come and embark on a journey of flavours at this seafood haven where local cuisine meets innovation.

Celebratory Promotions
Why now? With the grand opening, Seafood Paradise invites customers to feast on a month-long promotion offering 50% off on Signature Seafood Classics, unveiling each week with enticing specials from fresh Scottish Clams to Australian Lobster, Steamed Dragon Grouper, and the delightful Mud Crab. Specifically, these are the dates and select dishes on promotion

•Week 1, 9-15 Jul: Scottish Bamboo Clam with Minced Garlic (U.P. $15.80 per piece) (1 per person)
•Week 2, 16-22 Jul: Australian Lobster – Sashimi or Steamed with Minced Garlic (U.P. $28 per 100g) (1 per table)
•Week 3, 23-29 Jul: Steamed Dragon Grouper with Preserved Turnip (U.P. $9 per 100g) (1 per table)
•Week 4, 30 Jul-5 Aug: Mud Crab – Popular Singapore Style Chilli or Creamy Butter topped with Coconut Crumbs (U.P. $10.80 per 100g) (5pax 1 crab, 6pax up to 2 crabs)

Reservations are recommended. Book here

Seafood Paradise CQ @ Clarke Quay
3A River Valley Road Block A, #01-03, Singapore 179020 (facing the Singapore River, drop off at Tan Tye Place)
Tel: 6379 9410

Operating hours:
Sunday – Thursday
11.30am – 2.30pm (Last order 2.00pm)
5.30pm – 10.30pm (Last order 10.00pm)

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, PH & Eve of PH
11.30am – 2.30pm (Last order 2.00pm)
5.30pm – 11.30pm (Last order 11.00pm)

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