Hot! Aroma Truffle Launches New Onyx Truffle Snowskin Mooncake: A Powerful Double Shot Of Truffle & Durian

Frosty Mooncake

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Aroma Truffle, the pioneers of truffle snacks have outdid themselves for this year’s mooncake festival with a collection that highlights the best of Singaporean’s favourites tastes – durian, snowskin mooncakes, and truffle. Joining the classic signature Frosty Truffle Musang King Snow Skin Mooncake is a new Onyx Truffle Snowskin Mooncake that has a charcoal snowskin casing.

The Onyx Truffle Musang King Snow Skin Mooncake is a sleek black, gold-dusted treat, made from the best Italian Black Winter Truffles and the premium Pahang Raub Mao Shan Wang durian. The black mooncakes are also topped with edible 24k golden flakes, and the snowskin is infused with charcoal. The Pahang durians used in the mooncakes has a musky scent when ripe, which gives it that strong, powerful taste. Paired together with the charcoal and truffle infused snowskin, the Onyx Truffle Musang King Snow Skin Mooncake is a powerful assault on the tastebuds with both the truffle and durian fighting to overpower each other in your mouth. One mooncake is enough for one, but it’ll have me going back!

Those who prefer a subtler flavour will prefer the Frosty Truffle Musang King Snow Skin Mooncake as the White Mochi Snow Skin encases a rich filling of Pahang durian and black truffle. Easily identifiable as the gorgeous white one, the delicious creaminess of the mao shan wang durian has a hint of smoky truffle, wrapped in a chewy mochi-like snowskin. As the durian is already so strong in taste, pair your mooncakes with a lighter Chinese tea like green tea or oolong for an earthy balance.

Aroma Truffle

The mooncakes have been carefully crafted after many months of trial and error by the head chef and co-founder Johnathan Chua. “”We tried many different combinations before we found just the right mix of the truffles’ earthy flavour and fragrance and the Mao Shan Wang durian’s succulent and rich taste. I can say for sure that our customers will be very pleased with these innovative flavours.”

The Heritage Bundle comes with two Frosty Truffle Musang King Snow Skin Mooncake and two Onyx Truffle Snowskin Mooncakes, retailing at S$108. Or treat yourself by getting the Lumina Bundle for S$148, which comes with four pieces of mooncakes and four packs of their signature Truffle Potato Chips for an indulgent Mid-Autumn snacking session.

Aroma Truffle is also running an early bird promo with 33% off all bundles (the promo is while stocks last – we don’t even know when it’s going to end!), which means you can get a Heritage Bundle for as low as S$78.

Since the ingredients are so premium, only 4,000 boxes of mooncakes are available. With over half already sold, there isn’t much time left to get your hands on their durian treats or you’d have to wait for another year!

Early bird offers are only available online and at the retail stores at Jewel Changi Airport, Plaza Singapura, and Chinatown Point. Available now, while stocks last.

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