Hot! Bali Thai Celebrates Mother’s Day With A 9-course Feast Of Indonesian-Thai Flavours

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Now that big groups are allowed to dine out, Bali Thai is all set to celebrate Mother’s Day with a huge feast! Enjoy more dishes together with Bali Thai’s curated menus that are packed full of flavours to give Mum a well-deserved break with a delicious meal!

The Set Menu for 10 people has 9 courses, and will ensure that you get the best of both cuisines. Start your meal with an appetiser platter packed with both Thai and Indonesian classics. The mango salad was citrusy and crunchy, and the Chicken Satay was tender and juicy to the bite. Served next was the Tom Yum Soup with King Prawn, a savoury spicy soup that reawakened my tastebuds and fresh, crunchy prawns. These prawns were bursting with flavour, having soaked up the spices in the soup.

The main course dishes included more prawns with the King Prawn with Thai Chef Chilli Sauce & Mini Buns. It was pretty much like having the prawn version of chilli crab, together with man tous to mop up the spicy sweet sauce. The Steam Seabass with Thai Herbs was also another highlight, the tender flesh paired well with the lemongrass and citrus flavours that had no fishy smell or taste. Even those who don’t like fish enjoyed it, as the fish was fragrant not too spicy.

Other dishes included spicy Thai Famous Stir Fried Chicken with Cashew Nut & Dry Chilli, Stogon Sambal with Petai, and a XO Fried Rice with just a whiff of wok hei filled me up just nice. The dishes paired well with the Fried Rice, which also came filled with prawns and pork floss.

The meal ends with a choice of either chendol or Thai tapioca. The chendol makes for a refreshing palate cleanser, but some might prefer the sweet and savoury Thai tapioca. The tapioca was steamed till it was soft, and wasn’t stringy or too filling especially after we just finished such a heavy menu!

There are also set menus for smaller groups, with 4 people or 6 people options. The selection of dishes vary slightly, with options like Tahu Telor and Crispy Fish with Chef Chili Sauce for the 4 people option, and a Steam Seabass with Spicy & Sour Lemongrass Sauce and Cereal Prawn in the 6 people option.

If you make your reservation early from now till 8 May, you will also receive a complimentary dining voucher that you can use on your next visit!

The Mother’s Day Set Menu is available for dine-in at all Bali Thai outlets islandwide from today till 8th May 2022.

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