Hot! Barossa Bar & Grill Releases Their New Rendition of Meats, Sweets and Mini Treats

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Staying true to its roots of whipping up the best Australian dishes created with the freshest premium ingredients they have at hand, the Australian-inspired steakhouse Barossa Steak & Grill has unveiled a new menu consisting of a brand new selection of appetisers, small plates,and mouthwatering mainstays cooked using the restaurant’s Josper Grill and over 100 bottles of curated red and white wines.

Barossa has done away with their tapas section of the menu and returned to their simplistic roots with their new Small Plates selection, which focuses on bite-sized appetizers that showcases the ingredients and techniques used to show off their quality, not quantity. The Tasmanian Salmon Rillette Cornet (S$14 for 3 pcs) is sure to hit the spot for salmon lovers, with a fresh mix of cured salmon, salmon roe, sourcream and chives being served in crunchy little cones that is the perfect blend of savoury flavours and crunchy textures.The Chicken Chicharron with Avruga Caviar (S$16) is a must order for chicken lovers with a perfect balance of fat and richness made from the chicken slices deep-fried and then balanced out by the tanginess of a spoonful of decadent Avruga caviar. The Hokkaido Scallop Tartare with Squid Ink Crackers (S$16) showcases a burst of flavours from the sea with freshness at every bite, from the scallop tartare, uni creme and ebiko and popped right into the mouth with crunchy squid ink crackers.

Trio Tapas

Barossa has also included new add-ons to their cheese and charcuterie menu, such as the French Duck Rillette (S$14) a rich flavourful confit of French duck breast and thigh meat cured in duck fat, before being shredded, blended and cooked further for a rustic paste that makes for an impossibly indulgent bread spread. A side of pickles cut through the richness of the spread, which will pair well on the palette with slices of French baguette and a glass of wine.

Diners can also whet their appetite with brand new seafood items like the Baked Mar Ceibe Spanish Scallops (S$30), that features juicy medallions of Spanish scallops served on half shells that are poached to sweet creamy tenderness in truffle butter and then topped with Monterey Jack cheese and ebiko for brine and a final sprinkling of Parmesan crisps for that extra crunch. There’s also the Sautéed Spanish Garlic Prawns (S$20) that features extra-large Tiger prawns sautéed in garlic oil and sweet Spanish paprika to let its natural flavours shine. A dash of chardonnay wine and a handful of parsley are added to lend a nice crisp earthiness to the flavour profile that will leave your taste buds craving for the next course to be served!

Moving on to the main highlights, using the fiery furnace of their in-house Josper Grill, Barossa has managed to impart a new level of flavours onto their meats. One such mainstay is their New Zealand Lamb Rack with Moroccan Spice (S$48), that includes a whole rack of lamb cooked until tender that are imbued with a Moroccan spice rub. A side of grilled asparagus and acumin brown sauce round off the flavours to balance out the gamey taste from the lamb.

Kagoshima Wagyu

The main star of the new menu has got to be the Japanese Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Beef Sirloin (180g) (S$48/100g). The carefully tempered heat of the oven perfectly cooks and melts the high marbling of the beef to give it a silky melt-in-the-mouth texture while having a golden brown crust on the exterior that is served with garlic confit, tomatoes and choice of one sauce.

End of the meal with a sweet treat with the new Bombe Alaska Citron (S$21) that features a cheesecake base topped off with a yuzu sorbet and lemon curd mousse with a dash of limoncello for an extra kick. Diners should standback and standby with their cameras and wait for the breathtaking fire show as Barossa’s ever attentive staff will light up the decadent dessert to burn off the alcohol before tucking into the sweet treat.

Due to the recent dining ban, Barossa Bar & Grill has introduced a 20% off for their mains! Diners can simply order via Oddle with promo code ‘BAR20’ to enjoy 20% off. Orders above $100 are also applicable for FREE island-wide delivery.

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