Hot! Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse: A Hidden Paradiso for Top Quality Steaks

Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse

The refurbished popular Italian steakhouse continues to serve traditional steaks and bona fide italian cuisine

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Meat lovers or steak lovers can start to sharpen their steak knives and get their stomachs ready as Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse has been reimagined with a dashing new look at 26 Mohamed Sultan Road, right next door to its previous location, five minutes from the CBD.

Vintage Ambience
After the long, arduous process of renovation and redecoration, the restaurant has decided to stay true to it’s italian heritage while expressing some of its modern elements as well. The heritage features of the century-old shophouse evoke a warm Italian farmhouse feel with exposed brick walls and wood paneling. The lighting in the restaurant is subtle enough to set the perfect tranquil mood for guests to relax and kick back a perfect getaway from the hectic workplace of the office.

Start the night off with a cocktail or an Apéritif at the bar while waiting for the others to arrive, because no one ever arrives on time for a group dinner appointments there’s always one person in the group that is going to be late, so mozy over to the bar and get comfy till your company arrives.

Once the whole group is present, slip into a cozy leather booth and experience an unmatched, intimate dining by candlelight. Treat your guests to a modern Tuscan feast at the Chef’s table, adjacent to the open-design kitchen and right in front of the meat fridge, where a wide variety of meats will make you gaze at them with glee and wet your appetite!

Excellente Service
The service given to us when we first stepped into the restaurant was extremely warm and inviting. An inviting smile and a willingness to go the extra mile to help us get to our tables was greatly appreciated! Don’t panic and freak out if you don’t understand some of the menu items (I know I sweated over trying to identify some of the appetizers)- the ever charismatic manager and his steadfast staff will help to give you some advice on their specialities and aims to give guests a stress-free dining experience of a lifetime at the newly renovated restaurant.

Here’s what we ordered:


Burrata300g handformed young mozzarella cheese with field greens and pachinko tomatoes ($40) + $9 for the tomatoes

The cheese was especially sweet and creamy! Once you bite down unto the cheese, the strong taste of milk instantly floods the tongue in a sea of creamy goodness! The pachinko tomatoes are extremely sweet and nicely seasoned with their in-house olive oil, pair them together with the coloured greens and it helps balances the cheese for those that are not used to the excessive creaminess of the cheese. (But I doubt anyone would because who hates cheese right) Slowly tear the cheese apart and look at the glorious art piece fall apart as you gaze in awe, but remember to leave some for the others as well, you won’t believe how fast this dish can disappear in front of one hungry person.


CapesantePan seared scallops with saffron celeriac purée roasted shimeji mushrooms ($35)

The scallop has a perfect sear on them while the mushrooms help accompany the seafood into the mouth as the purée finishes the appetiser and leaves you hankering for more of the scallops.The purée gives a very earthy, woody taste to the scallop even though it was slightly overcooked for our tastes, the scallops should be softer to achieve perfection. Despite its unique flavour profile and cooking technique it was a tad overpriced for us. $35 for just 3 pieces of scallops is a slight stretch too far, even for us.


RisottoRoasted wild mushrooms, Asiago cheese and black truffle. ($30)

Yes risotto, the basic of the basics. If an Italian restaurant can’t nail this down, there’s no point going any further. Even before the dish hits our noses, the all too familiar scent of the black truffle is extremely strong, you don’t even have to eat it to find out it’s there- the permeating smell is a dead giveaway. Digging into the dish, the rice is perfectly cooked, creamy and packed full of the black truffle goodness. However the wild mushrooms were a little too salty and taste more like sausages instead of mushrooms. But the texture is spot on, creamy, thick and absolutely divine! This dish is definitely a must order to share and worth its price on the menu we would have even dared to ask for another portion if we did not order the steak as our final course. (The picture you saw in the article was already divided for us, meaning that the portion was significantly bigger should you decide to order it)


CostataF1 Karoge Washu bred Wagyu and Tajima bloodline, thick cut in Traditional Tuscan Style, 420 days grain-fed bone in (1.1KG Ribeye steak) ($188)

One of their signature steaks, is the Costata — a thick cut, chargrilled Ribeye steak to share. Prepared in traditional Tuscan style over a high temperature Australian oak wood-fired grill to produce a heavily charred crust yet a tender and juicy centre for an indulgent steak experience.

The huge protein course comes with four different sauces, Sea salt with rosemary herbs, salsa verde, country mustard and a black pepper steak sauce. Visually, the dish looks remarkable, the smell of the beef will reach you even from the kitchen we’re not kidding, that’s how strong the scent of the beef was from where we were sitting. The marbling is out of this world, we can’t find the words to describe it, just look at the amount of lean fat and a tiny amount of blood dripping off the protein.

A single bite into the protein will blow your taste buds into nirvana, the tenderness of the beef combined with the charred crust and the scent of the wood grill combined together will make you moan in absolute delight as you slowly continue to consume the beef. Try to pair or experiment the meat with the four different sauces to see which one you like the most! To each his own, but we always prefer the traditional sea salt or black pepper steak sauce just can’t go wrong with it. However, remember to pair the meat with the recommended daily fibre intake, that is order a few vegetarian side dishes to go along with the protein trust me after a while the dish becomes too rich to eat and might even be a hurdle to keep going to the finish line. (Medium rare or Medium would be recommended for this steak.)

A Collection of Italy’s Finest Wines
Apart from the impeccable service, eye-dazzling decorations and tantalizing menu, the steakhouse is home to over 30 varieties of wine. From the sweet notes of a Moscato D Asti, to a crisp white wine to accompany those appetisers with and lastly ending with a red wine to finish off that last course of protein or dessert with.

Overall, the experience at Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse was a pleasant one. I expected it to be just another monotonous steakhouse but my first impressions have been changed since then. From the decor, to the service to the food, every component of the restaurant worked in harmony to impress me and I was entirely blown away by them. Bistecca Steakhouse has indeed lived up to its reputation of being one of the leading pioneers of Italian cuisine as well as serving the perfect steaks to its customers with style and finesse.

Rating: 10/10

Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse is located at 26 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 238970

The Steakhouse is open from lunch from Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm to 2.30pm and dinner everyday from 6pm to 10.30pm.

For reservations, please contact (+65) 67356739 or email:

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