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Phase 2 got you feeling down? Feeling burn-out from those long, seemingly endless hours of WFH? Add a spot of brightness to your day with Cheers’ latest campaign – aptly named Cheerful Moments, featuring savings on over 100 products over next 10 weeks! This new campaign focuses on promotions for your favourite snacks and beverages, to keep you going through yet another dreary day. From Lay’s potato chips and Mars chocolate bars, to Magnum ice-cream, and even acai bowls, there’s something for everyone.

With Father’s Day fast approaching, you may also surprise your dad with a personalised snack basket from Cheers, perfect for the current work-from-home situation where he can unwind with tasty munchies and sweet treats after work!

Besides that, look out for Cheer Up cards slipped into random shopping bags – these adorably punny cards are designed to encourage and brighten up your day, with quips like “Donut give up!”. You may also download the adorable Cheers’ Exclusive Mobile Wallpapers available for download here 

With over 160 outlets across the island, including Fairprice Xpress and all Esso petrol stations, these treats are readily available for a delightful moment.

Snacks Group

Here are some of the ones we are enjoying:

Magnum Mint (S$4.20) – The quintessential combination of chocolate and mint never disappoints, moreso when it’s in the form of an ice-cream bar!
LAY’S Potato Chips (S$4.55) – Perfect for Netflix nights in, or just a crispy munchie while taking a break from the computer.
Brothers Cider (2 for S$15.50) – An English fruit cider, we are partial to the lovely Toffee Apple flavour, which features a crisp apple tang and a sweet vanilla aftertaste
Cocomax Coconut Water (2 for S$3.75) – Made from Thai coconut water, with no added sugar, this is a refreshing and great drink for the increasingly humid and hot weather.
DOLE Acai Bowl (S$9.25) – A combination of açaí, bananas, honey, strawberries, blueberries, honey oat granola and coconut, this is a delicious yet healthy dessert.

Cheers Week 3-4 Group 2

Here are some of the ones that are on promotion from now till 21 June 2021:

Lindt EXCELLENCE collection bars (S$1.70) – Full-bodied cocoa aroma, with the crisp snap as you bite into each chocolate bars.
Dole Fruit Bowls (3 for S$2.00) – Grab a bowl of all- natural fruit in a convenient, portable and no added preservatives, this is perfect for those who needs your fruits on the go.
AMBROSIAL Greek Yoghurt (2 for S$2.95) – this is healthy and delicious yogurt with 35% more protein than any ordinary yogurt.
Chuan Heng Bee Suan La Fen (S$2.95) – Enjoy Chong Qing’s most popular Suan La Fen conveniently packed for you to enjoy anytime, anywhere.
CP Ready to eat meals (2 for S$9.00) – Household favourite brand CP, enjoy their range of ready to eat meals which is easy to prepare.

Drop by your nearest Cheers for a pick-me-up, or get these treats through food delivery platforms such as Grab or FoodPanda!

Cheers Cheerful Moments

Date: 25 May – 2 August 2021
Available at all Cheers and FairPrice Xpress outlets across Singapore, including at all Esso petrol stations. Delivery available through Cheers store on food delivery platforms (Grab or FoodPanda)

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