Hot! Café Direct Celebrates 30 Years Of Affordable Coffee and Giving Back Of Over £30 Million To Its Coffee Farmers Network

Cafe Direct

Content: Michelle Ng

The English coffee company has spent the past 30 years delivering delicious coffee to customers whilst championing its sustainable goals as a purveyor for coffee growers. Since 1991, they’ve invested in over £30 million into Fairtrade, Organic and Producers Direct that helps improve sustainability and livelihoods of coffee growers.

Even during the COVID period, Café Direct has helped support coffee farmers through their networks to keep their supplies and stocks well maintained, even with the rapidly changing sales channels and customers.

Not only are they ensuring that the coffee farmers are getting fair treatment so that their livelihoods remain sustainable, Café Direct has also ensured that their packaging is also sustainable by working towards a goal of making all its products 100% recyclable. If you notice, the lid of their bottles have changed from black to gold, which helps the bottles be detected in the Near Infrared Waste Management sorting systems to be marked for recycling. With this change, the entire instant coffee jar is now 100% fully recyclable.

Café Direct coffee ranges comes in both ground blends and freeze dried coffees in a range of roast intensities and beans sourced from all over the world like Macchu Picchu, Kilimanjaro, and Tarrazu Reserve. Depending on your preferences, you’ll be able to find a blend that suits your liking and at a great price at that too! A pack of Roast Ground Blends retail for $6.95 each, and the Freeze Dried instant coffee are $8.45 each.

For the coffee aficionados, the Intense Roast Ground Blends make for a richer roast that delivers a more intense drinking experience. Take some time in the morning to brew a cup, which will wake you up for the day ahead with the robust and deep flavours.

While we don’t always have time to brew a cup of coffee due, here’s where the Freeze Dried series come in handy. I like having a bottle of the Smooth Roast Freeze Dried Coffee on hand for rushed mornings or afternoon pick-me-ups. Two spoonfuls and a splash of milk makes for a smooth cup of coffee to give me that burst of caffeine in a minute instead of having to settle for pre-mixed powder coffee sachets. I need my caffeine booster, but I love the taste of coffee too.

Café Direct is available at all major retailers and supermarkets islandwide.

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