CANCHITA brings the first Peruvian Street Food Fiesta to Singapore

Drop by for a taste of colourful, vibrant Peruvian street food

CANCHITA Peruvian Cuisine by Chefs Daniel and Tamara Chavez is bringing the first Peruvian Street Food Fiesta to Singapore this August.

Happening from 3-20 August 2023, the merry affair promises a live showcase of the most iconic Peruvian street food from ceviche carretilla to anticuchos con pancita, prepared and served red hot off the grill by a true-blue Latin American chef couple.

Chefs Daniel and Tamara Chavez

The fiesta is part of Chef Daniel and wife Tamara’s efforts to promote Latino culture, especially through food, throughout Asia. Both husband and wife have travelled extensively all over the world learning the best of South American cuisine in the hopes of sharing its flavours, vibrance and soul with the diners who come by their cooking.

Reenacting the lively streets of Peru where fragrant aromas of sizzling food fill the air, CANCHITA is transforming into a space consisting two long tables where diners are free to sit and indulge in the best of Peru.

Anticuchos Con Pancita

Expect Peruvian signatures such as the Maiz, Papas & Salsas Andinas, a sharing starter of white corn, crispy potatoes, and Andean corn served with traditional Peruvian tasting sauces, Ceviche Carretilla, a sharp, tangy and spicy dish of marinated red snapper in Aji Amarillo Tiger’s Milk from the North of Peru, texturised with crunchy calamari, “Sarandaja”, a traditional garnish from Puira, Peru) and plantain chips also called Chifles, Papa Rellena house-made potato croquettes stuffed with traditional beef stew, Anticuchos Con Pancita, hearty Peruvian-style beef heart skewers grilled over open charcoal, Arroz Zambito Peruvian rice and pudding layered with chancaca topped with fresh grated coconut and finished off with black raisins and cloves and more.

The festival also commemorates a significant moment for Chef Daniel, who received the honourable title of Culinary Ambassador of Peru in Singapore from the Peruvian Ambassador in Singapore, Carlos Vasquez Corrales.

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