Hot! Celebrate Christmas with The Blue Elixir of Life


CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

Created in collaboration with the illustrators Good Wives and Warriors, the fanciful design of the Johnnie Walker House Exclusive Collection- Global Edition depicts the modern traveller’s dreamscape and draws parallels to the epic voyage undertaken by Johnnie Walker himself from the four corners of Scotland to the rest of the world.

Johnnie Walker first documented the locations reached by its famous blends in a travel guide, Around the World. Published in the 1920s, it bookmarked Johnnie Walker’s status as one of the first international brands and nodded to its extensive network in over 200 markets globally. At the heart of this celebration of journeys – during a time where sailing and steam power still ruled – is the iconic Striding Man, who pioneered these adventures across the globe. While its once-unfamiliar territories are now well-charted in the 21st century, the same passion for travel endures. Johnnie Walker remains part of a liquid exchange across boundaries of a drink made by people, sold by people and enjoyed by people around the world, with all the trails still leading back to Scotland.


With the signature square bottle as a canvas, the detailed engraving etched in blue under-glaze on the porcelain bottle reflects his insatiable quest for adventure. This unique edition of Johnny Walker Blue Label would make an exemplary gift for anyone that loves to travel or just wants to kick back this Christmas and have a glass of whisky with his friends or family.

The Johnnie Walker House Exclusive Collection Global Edition, pays tribute to the epic journey taken by Johnnie Walker from Scotland to the four corners of the world, and celebrate the progressive spirit of travel and adventure that still rings true today. This bottle would prove to be an excellent gift for your friends or family members who loves the finer things in life and catch up with them over a glass of the good stuff!

The Johnnie Walker House Exclusive Collection – Global Edition is priced at SGD 510 and available at Singapore’s Changi Airport at the Duty Free Stores Terminal 2 and 3.

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