Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Black Knight Hotpot- Taiwan’s premier hotpot establishment with its seven signature premium soup bases!

Assorted Meat Platter

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

A favourite of local and international celebrities from all over the world, Black Knight Hotpot intends to bring together friends and family alike to have a meal and rekindle connections over a comforting broth filled with premium meats and ingredients! Since its inception in 1981, the pioneer hotpot brand is known for its sophisticated slow-cooked soup bases that are all brewed in-house that utilizes prime produce and live seafood imported from all over the world in order to bring their intense flavour to hotpot fans in Singapore!

Fish Maw Chicken Pot + Spicy Pot

Every hotpot at the establishment comes in two different sizes: single or double visually striking oriental pots and comes in seven unique premium broths, only freshly cooked upon order! The Drunken Pot (S$48++) is a classic favourite that uses the best traditional Chinese herbs with a plump black chicken that helps to build one’s immunity and balances the qi in the body while flushing out the toxins. For those who are looking to have or preserve their natural, supple skin, the Fish Maw Chicken Pot (S$48++) draws the best nourishment from collagen, extracted from both kampung chicken and fish maw that beautifies one’s skin while it nourishes it! For all the spice lovers out there, the Spicy Pot (S$38++) balances flavour with intense heat from its liberal amount of fresh dried chillis and peppercorn alongside silky smooth bean curd, beef tendon,and beef tripe. The other four soup broths include the Pork Tripe & Chicken Peppercorn Pot ($38++), Nourishing Beauty Pot (S$48++) Sliced Pork Pickled Cabbage Pot (S$38++) and Taro Spare ribs Pot (S$38++)-

Just like any hotpot establishment, a wide variety of premium ingredients are made available to go along with the broth! Ranging from handmade shrimp or fish pastes, daily kneaded hand-wrapped pork dumplings to classic hotpot ingredients such as top-grade items like fried bean curd roll, fried fish skin lobster meatballs and flavoured beef tripe! Of course, the pièce de résistance are the wide selection of proteins that ranges from beef, lamb,and pork ranging from Japanese Kagoshima A5 Wagyu to Australian lamb and US Prime beef with various types of prized cuts! Accompanying the hotpot feast is a wide selection of unlimited signature sauces, free-flow ice cream to end the meal on a sweet note, with a refreshing homemade sour plum iced drink to quench one’s thirst or to put out the fire in one’s mouth.

Seafood Platter

Apart from the hotpots, a small selection of hot dishes are available at Black Knight for lunch such as Taiwan Wagyu Beef Cheek Noodles (S$18++) that features a generous amount of succulent flavourful beef with an intense broth that will be more then sufficient to fufill one’s hunger pangs for lunch! Their Black Truffle Fried Rice ($28++) also makes for a decadent option for lunch- filled with an intense wok hei flavour and truffle aroma topped off with a delicate piece of foie gras!

For special occasions, 5 VIP rooms are also available for private groups of 6-16 guests to celebrate in privacy and comfort alongside a substantial list of imported wines, sake,and baijiu!

If you’re still looking around to book a restaurant to celebrate Chinese New Year with your loved ones, Black Knight Hotpot will also remain open on the first two days of Chinese New Year on 22nd and 23rd of January! Guests will simply need to make a booking and place a S$250 deposit to enjoy the best of Black Knight with their loved ones around the table and there will be NO price increment on any items on their menus during the festive season.

Black Knight Hotpot (Millenia Walk)
9 Raffles Blvd, #02-02/05 Nihon Street, Singapore 039596

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