Hot! Crusty’s Goes Back To The Basics With Snackable Soy Skin Chips


CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Crusty’s is synonymous with the salted egg yolk trend that took over the local foodie market, but they have managed to make a name for themselves by coming up with other revolutionary flavours and snacks.

For their next launch, they go back to the basics with an addition to the existing Soy Skin Crisps range – the Original Soy Skin Crisps. The newly launched crisps comes in a Tiger Balm lookalike box, but it’s not an actual flavour! Taking inspiration from one of the classic products made in Singapore with over 100 years of heritage, Crusty’s pays homage to another traditional Asian favourite whilst still staying true to their mission of redefining snacks.

The Original Soy Skin Crisps lets you bask in the flavourful umami of the beany fried skin, without any other flavourings. You’ve probably seen the fried soy skin (also known as fried beancurd skin) at yong tau foo stalls or hotpot restaurants, and Crusty’s has turn it into a snack so that you can enjoy it whenever you want. It’s great to snack on while you’re on the go as the small zippable bag makes it easy to munch on whenever the munchies hit. The versatile snack is also great to spice up a meal as it adds a bit of crunch to your noodles, porridge, or even your hotpot.

Other than salted egg yolk chips, Crusty’s also has launched other interesting flavors like Salted Egg Mala chips, Salted Egg Tomato Potato Chips, Bubble Tea Popcorn, and Wasabi Seaweed Soy Skin Crisps.

Crusty’s Original Soy Skin Chips are exclusively available online now on Shopee for S$4.50/ 50g pack.

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