Diageo Launches its Elusive Expressions Special Releases Scotch Whisky Collection Inspired by Fantasy Art & Storytelling


Master of Malt Diageo unveils its highly anticipated Elusive Expressions Special Releases Scotch Whisky Collection. The curated collection spotlights eight aged and finely finished whiskies handpicked by Master Blender Dr. Craig Wilson. Drawing from over 30 distilleries worldwide and over 10 million casks in the brand’s portfolio, Elusive Expressions amalgamates rarity, flavour and fantasy storytelling to reimagine the tasting experience for whisky-lovers and connoisseurs alike.

Its annual Special Releases collections previously featured ghost distilleries and unusual casks with red wine and cognac finishes. The latest of the Special Releases repertoire, Elusive Expressions, builds on its last Legends Untold Collection inspired by fantastical stories and legends.

The collection of eight revives Diageo’s smokiest reserves and uncovers some of its rarest finds, featuring the classic Talisker 11-Year-Old with maritime malt smoky notes and a rare expression of Cardhu finished in Jamaican Rum casks for a vibrant tropical sweetness. Connoisseurs can expect to be floored by the rich and exquisite Cameronbridge 26-Year-Old, unveiled for its first time ever.

The collection’s visual theme of duality (Dark and Vivid) comes to life through the Elusive Expressions Cocktails and Serves book – one of Diageo’s most unconventional and immersive works yet. Explored through a bold graphic-novel style, the book reframes the cocktail-making process for whiskey-lovers, with each cocktail and serve recipe evoking the nuances and smooth blend of flavours in the collection for fans to recreate at home.

Featuring iconic illustrations by returning illustrator Ken Taylor and fellow illustrator Kevin Tong, the duo partners to create designs that hero the brand’s protagonists and their fantastical journeys, fusing fantasy, art and whisky into one.

From solving the mystery of the Ruby Solstice to capturing the Blood Red Moon, the Elusive Expressions Cocktail and Serves book explores the legends behind Mortlach, The Singleton, Lagavulin and Talisker, showcasing an unexplored world of rare flavours and the unique nature of each bottle of liquid gold.


Simply scan the QR code and access the Elusive Expressions Cocktails and Serves Book to discover a whole new digital realm of Diageo’s dark and vivid mythical world, where each brand’s story is told in the most immersive way imaginable.

The Elusive Expressions Special Releases Scotch Whisky Collection is now available exclusively at iShopChangi and Cellarbration.

“Elusive Expressions is a boundary-pushing collection that truly redefines what cask-strength whiskies can be. This collection features some of our oldest whisky dynasties in Scotland, embracing the wide range of flavour contrasts. From abundantly rich to strikingly rare flavours, each whisky is vividly brought to life with new energy, creating an unexpectedly elusive whisky experience,” shares Master Blender, Dr. Craig Wilson.

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