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Marrakech at SO

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To bring the diverse and vivid flavours of a traditional Marrakech medina to Singapore, SO/ Singapore has collaborated with private Moroccan caterer Walima to introduce the unique flavours of Moroccan cuisine to Singapore!

Marrakech at SO/’ brings together Walima’s very own talented Safia Aboutikab together with SO Singapore Executive Culinary Designer Hong Ding Zhao to give guests an unforgettable feast, reminiscent of the Moroccan “diffa” – a never-ending grand banquet of Moroccan mainstays!

Specially created by Chef Safia and Chef Hong, the menu incorporates a special blend of spices and herbs that can only be found in Morocco, lends an authentic flavour to Chef Safia’s fiery dishes along with a temperament for the local palate by Chef Hong. From unique key ingredients to the preserving and pickling of certain produce to the slow-braising of meat and vegetables, each step has been meticulously handled with tender loving care that is reflected in the food at Marrakech at SO/!

Moroccan Salad - Zaalouk

The feast begins with an assortment of greens that make up a cohesive Moroccan Salad, Taktouta, Zaalouk, Foul Mcharmel, Barba Mcharmela, Moroccan Marinated Olives along with a plate of freshly baked Khobz or Moroccan bread for guests to pair with the plates of greens.


Only available for dinner sessions, the Harira or meat soup with chickpea, lentils and herbs is a hearty addition to the dinner menu, with generous chunks of meat along with its intensely flavoured broth that will pack a punch of flavour before the main courses arrive!

The unveiling of the tajine (main course) during the meal is always a visual and enticing treat for all the senses! The main star of the menu is the Couscous Slow Cooked Beef Cheek that requires a minimum of two diners to order due to it’s massive portion of ingredients!

To enrich the flavours, the meat and vegetables are slow-braised for a total of seven hours with exotic spices woven into the dish, and is completed with the sweetness rendered by the caramelised onions and raisins, adding an extra depth to the dish. This results in a perfectly cooked couscous that does not clump together and isn’t dry when guests dine on it while the protein itself is super tender and packs an aromatic when the protein is delicately sliced!

Allahm Bel Barquo

Other notable main courses are the Allahm Bel Barquo, a marinated lamb shank with prunes, apricot and nuts whose meat falls off the bone easily and does not have an overpowering gamey taste! The Aldajaj Mqali involves a heavily marinated chicken thigh with preserved lemon and olives that avoids the cardinal sin of being dry and under flavoured! (Additional Tagines are available at S$24 per piece)

Apart from the meats and greens, exotic Moroccan-inspired cocktails have been specially curated to pair well with the rich flavours of the night that are infused with spices, coriander seeds, turmeric powder and star anise. One such example is The Bright Side (S$18++) that involves the herbal flavour of Gordon’s Gin with the fresh essence of Moroccan Mint Tea that will serve as a perfect refreshment between bites of food!

Moroccan Pastries

Perfuming the air with its fresh fragrance, the quintessential Moroccan Mint Tea is a must order at the end of the meal! This isn’t some teabag concoction that can be prepared in a minute, rather it requires time and patience that involves the quick muddling of leaves, multiple pours to further infuse the flavours and is served piping hot tableside! The tea also comes with a variety of Moroccan sweet treats such as the Kaab Ghzal (Gazelle Horn), Ghoribat Al Jawz (Walnut Cookie), and Halwat Al Fustuq (Pistachio Cookie)! (Additional S$20 per tea dessert set)

Marrakech at SO/ is available daily from 16 to 30 September 2021 and priced at S$58++ per person (Lunch: 11:30am or 1:15pm)) and S$78++ per person (Dinner: 6:00pm or 8:00pm)

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